2012 Objectives: Draft Mission and Vision

Coordinator: Mike Kerr (kerrnel22)

Since it is you who help define what this project is in the Open Source world, it is you who will contribute and help us come up with a draft of these two statements. We want your input, so please contribute as often and as much as you want until we have a critical mass of information that we feel we can comfortably come up with something solid and reflective of our community.

Goal 1 - Draft a Mission Statement

What is a Mission Statement?

A mission statement is a brief statement of the purpose of a company or organization. In the context of TikiWiki, intention of our mission statement is to keep members and users aware of the group's purpose. In general, a mission statement should incorporate objectives that support the accomplishment of the mission, as well as the purpose and values of the group, and what the responsibilities of the group are to our users. In a nutshell, a mission statement should:

  • Define what the company is
  • Define what the company aspires to be
  • Limited to exclude some ventures
  • Broad enough to allow for creative growth
  • Distinguish the company from all others
  • Serve as framework to evaluate current activities
  • Stated clearly so that it is understood by all

(Source: Wikipedia)

What Should Define our Mission?

Please list some ideas here and give a +1 or -1 if you agree with them or disagree.

  • Idea 1

Goal 2 - Draft a Vision Statemnt

What is a Vision Statement?

A vision statement is one that briefly describes what position an organization or group wants to be in the future as it pertains to the stated objectives in its mission statement. For example, fundamental objectives may be to develop in The Wiki Way, and be the leader in group/cms/multi-ware. Given those, a vision statement may include making "The Wiki Way" a new standard for development, or be the evangelical driving force behind The Wiki Way in the industry, or being the most widely distributed multi-ware in the Wiki market, or being THE collaboration solution for businesses.

Features of an effective vision statement include:

  • Clarity and lack of ambiguity
  • Vivid and clear picture
  • Description of a bright future
  • Memorable and engaging wording
  • Realistic aspirations
  • Alignment with organizational values and culture

(Source: Wikipedia)

What Should Define our Vision?

Please list some ideas here and give a +1 or -1 if you agree with them or disagree.

  • Idea 1

Candidate Draft Statements

Once we have enough input, we will put candidate statements here. Until then, we won't focus on the verbage, so much as we'll focus on the points we want to convey.

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