General Description

AuthShib provides Shibboleth authentication support for TikiWiki.

This option will allow administrators to select Shibboleth from the "Authentication method" dropdown box in the Login section.

When selected users can then choose;

  1. If the user should be created automatically if not in the Wiki.
  2. To use Tiki Auth for the Admin user.
  3. What affiliations can log into the Wiki (ie STAFF or STUDENTS)
  4. And if users that are created get added to a default group (ie Shibboleth)

Note: AuthShib is still in the development stages the above has been proven but needs to be commited to a future release.

Key Function and sub-features
  • Used for Authentication / Authorization.

For more information see Shibboleth Authentication

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Typical Uses
  • Users of shibboleth

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