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We have a basic chat integrated in Tiki.


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Feature Requests

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Competition and standards

Please see the chat directory link below.


Do we need 2 or more separate tools?

    • Is a site chat module very important?
    • What is the difference between a chat module and some other IM package?
    • Why not one good Instant Messaging package that can be used on the site?

From Dennis Heltzel

I like the concept of a shoutbox or forums because they keep an ongoing log that newcomers can read through before joining the conversation. The drawback of shoutbox/irc/chatrooms is that everything is both a suitable topic and also off-topic. If there were a way to combine the concepts of topic or category based forums and irc that would be ideal.

There's an impressive list of PHP-based chat programs. The authors of some might we interested in teaming up directly with us. Have you tried contacting the devs on any of them?

If a separate dev team works with us to completely integrate their chat into tiki, we could provide a chat service profile for installing tiki with their app front and center. They might actually roll their project into tiki with that option. We could treat it like Galaxia such that it could be pulled out for other uses, but it's primary purpose is tiki chat.

Reponse from Marc Laporte

Hi Dennis!

I have not yet contacted any teams. First the Tiki community should decide 1-if we want a partnership and then 2- which project(s) do we prefer (if any). I agree 100% with your "chat service profile" idea.

Response from Damian


Ive been using a Jabber server for a while not, for instant messaging locally within the boundaries of my network, and its good. Using Exodus on windows machines and Gaim on Linux.
By mid September I should have a public Jabber server going too :-)

Response from Daniel Descheneaux on Sept 22nd

Hi, all

I think a partnership is a great idea. A good chat is an important feature - the one that could incite a new user to choose Tiki over another CMS. A PHP chat I like is SPChat, see the site for demo (bottom of left column, way way down). It's a module for phpnuke AND postnuke, so I guess their team should not be adverse to making a Tiki version.

So, what's the process for choosing a new chat?

Individual chatroom permissions

Admins should be able to set different permission (to a same group) for various chatrooms. That only implies to add a "permissions" item in chat admin section just llike forums.


Jabber is an ideal long term solution. There is a JabberDev page.


Since we already have the IRC chatroom logger ready for 1.8, we may as well keep it.

Tiki Chat

However, we also need a chat solution which doesn’t require the SysAdmin to install additional software. That’s where a partnership with an existing chat app would be ideal. The app would need to convert to ADODB to attain our 1.8 goal of database independence.

Your idea of category is great. I think all chatrooms in any system we have should work with our category system and our search system. That’s where Tiki integration will make it powerful. Ex.: Search for all occurrences of Theme Control Center in forums, wiki pages and chats.

Best regards,

M ;-)

PHP Online Chat

Response from gretish

please see PHP Online Chat
PHP online chat is a software customized for php based websites. This software is useful for any business organizations that has live customers. It is the best way for live interaction between two people - like client and the support team.

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Response from letreo

please see PHPOpenChat
PHPOpenChat is database independent(ADOdb), based on the MVC architecture(XHTML 1.0 transitional, CSS), and object oriented.
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