Customize Your Tiki's Home Page

The Custom Home feature allows you to customize the home page, which will display:

  • If you click the home link in the main menu
  • After you log in
  • If you use the URL http://yoursite.com/tiki/index.php or http://yoursite.com/tiki/
  • If you click the logo in the ))LogoModule((

To enable Custom Home :

  1. Select Admin (click!)
  2. Select Features
  3. Look for Content Features at the middle of the page. Check Custom Home to enable it.
  4. Customize the tiki-custom_home.tpl template to suit your needs. You'll find it in the templates directory.

Whatever you put in tiki-custom_home.tpl will display in the center column of your Tiki's home page: images, links to wiki pages or forums, or anything you want. This is a neat way to make your Tiki site very personal, design your home as you want and provide links to different Tiki sections from there.

Hint: If you want to use a WYSIWYG editor to create your CustomHome, then temporarily rename tiki-custom_home.tpl to tiki-custom_home.html, open it in Dreamweaver or a similar editor, make your changes, and then rename it back to tiki-custom_home.tpl. (You can even modify Dreamweaver to accept TPL files as HTML files. See its documentation for details.)

For more information

See EditTemplates for more information on customizing tiki-custom_home.tpl .
See also CustomWikiMeta for information about customising the author and editdate info at the bottom of wiki pages.

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