We are now developing on two source branches. The HEAD branch is for
adding new features and the BRANCH-1-8 branch is for stabilizing the
upcoming tiki 1.8.

Accessing BRANCH-1-8:
cvs update -r BRANCH-1-8 -dP

After that you are "in" this branch and all updates/commits will go in
this branch.

We will merge the changes done in BRANCH-1-8 to HEAD minimum once a week.
Therefore we need another symbolic tag. This tag is named BRANCH-1-8-HEAD.
The root-tag is named ROOT-1-8. cvs merges are conducted live on irc by
mose, me or any other wo-/man that has shown that she/he can do that.

See TikiCVSTags for more information on merging.

Guidelines for cvs now:
To be able to conduct the merges, all developers have to follow the CvsEtiquette. Especially the reformatting of code makes it impossible to do automatic merging (we already had a 4 man 2 hours merging session once!).


History of branching

Please note:These instuctions are only for developers creating a new branch on the SourceForge CVS repository.

Checkout of local copy of module tikiwiki

cvs checkout tikiwiki

Making a root tag:

cvs tag ROOT-1-8


cvs tag -r ROOT-1-8 -b BRANCH-1-8

(the -r ROOT-1-8 can be omitted if i'm sure, that nobody commited. I simply forgot it cool )

Switch to the branch:

cvs update -dP -r BRANCH-1-8

Some tags for further merging:

cvs tag BRANCH-1-8-HEAD
cvs tag MERGE-BRANCH-1-8-to-HEAD


Switch to the branch (best to checkout fresh one before):

cvs update -dP -r BRANCH-1-8

Move the BRANCH-1-8-HEAD tag to the sticky branch tag (to avoid race condition if someone commits during merge)

cvs tag -r BRANCH-1-8 -F BRANCH-1-8-HEAD

Switch to HEAD:

cvs up -AdP

Merge differences between MERGE-BRANCH-1-8-to-HEAD and BRANCH-1-8-HEAD to HEAD:

cvs up -dkk -j MERGE-BRANCH-1-8-to-HEAD -j BRANCH-1-8-HEAD > mergelog 2>&1

Resolve any conflicts in your merged copy and do a cvs commit if finished. "mergelog" file can help you. Be careful. all you do until cvs commit does not change any vital things in cvs. You could stop here and go drinking a beer and redo it a week later.

Don't forget to move the tag MERGE-BRANCH-1-8-to-HEAD to tag BRANCH-1-8-HEAD for the next incremental merge (next week):

cvs tag -r BRANCH-1-8-HEAD -F MERGE-BRANCH-1-8-to-HEAD


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