This is very much in the planning stage. However, the idea is to have a module that can store data such as names and addresses of organisation in a heirarchy of categories. Different sites may have different requirements on what fields they want to store so the form for entering and displaying data should be dynamically created.


1. There should be able to be more than one database in the same way as there can be more than one forum.
2. Each database can have custom fields which may be of different types e.g. textarea, text box etc. A database admin must create the fields for his database before the database can be used. (The Tracker modules has similar functionality at the moment).
3. The database admin should be able to build a heirarchy of categories for storing database enteries so that the entered information can be categorised for easy searching. (The Directory module has this functionality at the moment).
4. A database editor should be able to add in new enteries into the database using the custom made form.
5. Users should be able to browse and search the databases easily.

Suggestions and Wish List

Maybe there's no need to re-invent the wheel! DaDaBIK (see the Comment, below) provides a reasonably easy-to-use forms/MySQL database interface. The author has intelligently thought through most of the challenges we'd have to face, were we to try to develop this independently. With some modification (table colors), DaDaBIK can be installed within Tikiwiki right now using the Featured Links capability - see the DaDaBIK page for instructions - Bryan

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