Get the drawing stuff working

Should be OK for 1.8, 1.9 single and multitiki...
but not yet on tw:o, wait next site update to try

PHP 4.2.2 users, the change was not enough ! but OK now see below
Anyway, if you can give it try by applying these changes home, it will be great !
Particulary, if you run multitiki with a single documentRoot, your opionion is welcome.

marclaporte reports the following problem on tw.o: I can edit image but when I save, the old pic is still there. I need to refresh (CTRL-f5) the page to get pic. And now I see it but when I try to edit, I don't have the latest version of the image (!)
toggg Marc: I need to refresh too as my browser is caching, thus I have no problem to edit drawings and back (as you can see here). Could it be related to your browser ?

Caution that need to be enabled for your group And the drawings enabled in Admin Features!

tikiwiki version 1.8.x (and prior?)
You need to modify 4 lines in the script jhot.php as follows:

  • lines 22 to 24:

23< $absolute_name = str_replace("img/wiki/$tikidomain", '', $name);
24< $absolute_name = str_replace('.gif', '', $absolute_name);
22> $path = 'img/wiki/'.($tikidomain != '/' ? $tikidomain : '');
23> $name = str_replace($path, '', $name);
24> $absolute_name = str_replace('.gif', '', $name);

  • lines 43 & 44:

43< $fw = fopen("img/wiki/$tikidomain$hash", "wb");
44< $fw2 = fopen($name, "wb");
43> $fw = fopen($path.$hash, "wb");
44> $fw2 = fopen($path.$name, "wb");

tikiwiki from version 1.9

Should be ok for 1.9 cvs (thanks tom :-)
You can do it home:

  • In jhot.php

insert between lines 48 and 49 (not done in cvs)
47>if ($tikidomain) {
48> $hash = "$tikidomain/$hash";
>> $name = "$tikidomain/$name";
49> }
and change (done in cvs)
51> $fw2 = fopen($name, "wb");
51> $fw2 = fopen("img/wiki/$name", "wb");

  • In tiki-editdrawing.php

just withdraw the 2 points before $name line 37 and 39
$tikidomain/$name and not $tikidomain/.$name

That's all.

Now comes the most difficult: make beautiful drawings biggrin
Tikily yours,

bertrand Gugger (toggg) Wanting to draw

marclaporte: latest changes are working on my multi-tiki. However, it opens a new java applet at each edit.
toggg: linux user: Konqueror better controls java than Mozilla !
More help on this problem: JgraphPadDoc

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