Fedora LXDE

Fedora LXDE is the LXDE desktop manager, with the Fedora distro. This will perhaps will be what Tiki Suite will recommend in the future, but for now, use LXLE (Ubuntu version of LXDE with tons of pre-loaded apps) . Explanations are at: Tiki Suite Desktop

  1. Install from http://spins.fedoraproject.org/lxde/
  2. Get the 64 bits version unless your computer is very very old
  3. It's a live DVD so you can test that everything works OK before proceeding to the installation (and wiping all the data & apps)
  4. Make sure to create a non-root user as the root user can't login in to the desktop (and there is no warning)
  5. After the installation, use Yum Extender to update all software to the current versions


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