Please see: Openfire Meetings.

See also Jitsi provisioning via Tiki

Jitsi XMPP-SIP client

Jitsi (previously SIP Communicator) is a cross-platform VOIP, videoconference, desktop sharing and chat client.

Jitsi is a core part of the Tiki Suite.

Protocols supported include SIP, XMPP/Jabber/Google Talk/Facebook chat, AIM/ICQ, Windows Live, Yahoo! Messenger and Bonjour.

Other features include: Call recording, Call & chat encryption, Noise suppression, Echo cancellation, File transfer, multi-user chat, Desktop streaming, Presence, Conference calls, Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Apple Address Book, Support for LDAP directories, Support for Google Contacts, On-line provisioning, Systray notifications, IPv6 support, Spell checker and many more.

License: LGPL


To try out Jitsi via XMPP (with VOIP, videoconference, desktop sharing, etc.) you can use a Gmail account (which is also a XMPP account) or the jit.si service. Juts create an account and use that username at jit.si as jabber account in the Jitsi application.

If you are using Gmail, or Google for domains, use the Google Talk option in Jitsi.
If you are using jit.si or a generic XMPP server, use the Jabber option in Jitsi.

A port for Android is in alpha

Confirmed issues

Issues to investigate & report

  • Fedora: when adding provisioning link on 1st install, there is no "Save" or "OK" button
  • Ubuntu: UI is pretty bad (In Lubuntu, Windows and Fedora LXDE, it's looks really good)
  • Check to confirm if there is a caching issue of the provisioning data. Ex.: If the provisioning data changes, does a reboot of Jitsi use the new information?
  • 2014-07-30 old test server provisioning output doesn't have line breaks


Jitsi-centric Unified Communications

Jitsi is focused on a rich feature set, standards compliance and security.

There is the base package and 2 options. Many organizations will only need the base package, and they can add one or both options as they need them.

Advanced features (such as ZRTP encryption) require the client to support, but basic communication can be achieved by any XMPP client, including via a web interface.

Needs testing

Web Clients

On roadmap

  • Jitsi to access the address book from OpenLDAP-ClearOS (ClearOS has an adjustment coming to make this work)
  • Future plans explained at the 2014-03-28 conference: #vuc482
    • Video Recording (now, it's possible to record mp3 via Jitsi client)
    • SIP Gateway (call regular numbers, and join them to the conference)
    • Dominant speaker (auto switch to that person)
    • Use WebRTC data channels
  • Chromium Embedded Framework

Need to figure out something


The default real-time collaboration protocol is XMPP. However, we'll potentially add XMPP-IRC mirroring for transition/legacy reasons


Option A - Add WebRTC access

This adds a web interface for Audio-Video-Chat collaboration with folks outside the team, by sending them a URL and using WebRTC

  • Jitsi Meet, using the Jitsi videobridge
  • Not working on Firefox for now, so we have to recommend Chromium
  • No authentication here at the moment.
  • Easy interop via JavaScript

Alternatively, you can use BigBlueButton for this use case. BigBlueButton is more mature, very well integrated in Tiki and more focused towards online Learning. It is very easy to install, but it requires another server.

On roadmap

  • From within a Jitmeet conference, call out to a SIP number
  • Join JitMeet conference via Jitsi (will be in Jitsi 3.0)

No ETA, but desired features

  • JitMeet should have a microphone & speaker check before entering the conference
  • JitMeet will add some APIs
  • Recording JitMeet sessions (help needed)

Need to figure out something

  • Interop with Mozilla Together. We want realtime collaboration on all Tiki features (Spreadsheet, Forms, Wiki, Slideshow, etc.)
  • Via Jitsi, can I let the other user control my desktop? (Remote support). If this works, can it work for unattended remote control? (Instead of VNC)

Option B - Connect to the traditional phone system (POTS)

Needs testing

  • Interop FreeSWITCH & ClearOS-OpenLDAP

On roadmap

Need to figure out something

  • Ideally, ClearCenter adds telephony services (phone minutes, sms, and toll-free numbers, etc.) for unified billing
  • Incoming call could open up the Tiki URL with info about caller (member, customer, etc.) If not in address book, a quick Google search


Turn - STUN


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