Feature request

  • Adding Support for Syncthing as One of Multiple Chwala Backends
  • Filters
    • Should be possible to have a CC filter in addition to TO It's possible to add manually by clicking the ... (3 dots) and add anything. The best it to use "Received"
    • Apply a new filter on existing messages (like Gmail)
      • There is a nice UI to create the filter, but it can't apply to messages already received (which helps to confirm filter is OK)
  • Subscribe to iCal feeds
  • MyKolab.com contact feature: there is a field for IM. Great! But there should be an option for Skype vs XMPP vs ...
  • Contacts have a birthday field. Great! This info should appear in the calendar (a bit like a recurring yearly event)
  • Archive button: It's there via Thunderbird and Roundcube. How to have this on mobile client?
  • appointment slots, like Google Calendar
  • Tasks don't seem to sync via ActiveSync



  • In Address book properties, the label "Superior book" is odd. Maybe "parent address book"?


  • How to change default settings for all users? Ex.: text email instead of HTML, start calendar on a Sunday, etc.

Default folders

If you want to configure Thunderbird.
Folder names need to be changed from the defaults to the ones used by Kolab & ActiveSync
Sent is used by Kolab & ActiveSync so let's just keep this setting in Thunderbird
Draft? Test if sync works well

Interesting features



MyKolab.com (The SaaS version of Kolab that you can run on your own servers) doesn't permit redirects to external domains without a real account. The workaround is to create an account forwards at example.org and to make filters. So all messages sent to joe at example.org, sam at example.org, etc. go to forwards at example.org (A real mail account). Here, filters are used to forward to an external email address, and you can optionally keep a copy of the message in a folder. By putting these two actions in the same filter, it serves to confirm that it worked. If you have messages left in the inbox, it means the filter didn't work. So you need to add a filter for To, CC, and Received (to catch BCC messages)

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