This is just a brief overview, best is, if you learn and experiment for yourself...

  1. Get Tiki
  2. InstallTiki
    1. edit php.ini if not already
      1. default_charset="utf-8", memory_limit="16M"
    2. create empty tiki db and GRANT rights on tikidb for tikiuser
    3. use tiki-install.php to setup using default profile
  3. start Tikiwiki by opening in browser
  4. login, change admin password
  5. edit features to your liking in menu - admin(click) - Features
  6. edit general options in menu - admin(click) - General
    1. for example display modules to all groups always - off
  7. Content
    1. create a new wiki structure in menu - wiki - structure
      1. structureid is the name of the structure
      2. add pages to structure, create levels and hierarchy for navigation
      3. edit the branch pages of the tree to include a {toc} in wiki for an automatic table of contents
      4. add more content to the structure pages
  8. Navigation
    1. createa a new menu in menu - admin - menus (this is below the admin section as an option in the menu, click the open folder)
      1. assign some created pages to the menu by way of urls
    2. assign menu into a newly created module in menu - admin - modules
    3. assign module to users
  9. Permissions
    1. assign general feature-permissions to groups in menu - admin - Groups
      1. for example tiki_p_vire for anonymous gives read and access perms to the wiki feature
    2. or assign permissions to some objects, like individual pages
    3. or on a whole structure of pages (from 1.9 on)

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