Eta Carinae branch development
Development of 1.7 version is moving at a slower pace than the other branches. 1.7 will be around for some time especially for those people who do not have a need to move over to ADODB database access in 1.8. The branch release_eta_carinea_rc1 is still the CVS branch for 1.7.x. Developers, please update this page whenever you resolve a bug in this branch. If you need help with CVS, read Cvs17.

This is the last of the Tiki 1.7 family.

Unless we have a huge demand for 1.7 version 1.8 will take its place.
All further enhancements and bugfixes for 1.7 should be submitted as patches to http://mods.tiki.org

1.7.6 release process

Anyone want to be the release manager for this? Otherwise Damian will look after it

Tidy Up_

  • General XHTML cleanup, seems we get better validation now wink Damian
  • Some fixes to moreneat to get better display Damian
  • Tiki Forums have been replaced with Forums Damian
  • Modification to the installer text informing about System Admin options Damian
  • Tidy of comments in tiki-galleries Damian
  • Tidy of top bar and bot bar Damian
  • Addition of tiki icons in img/tiki Damian

Resolved bugs and misbehavior since 1.7.5

  • FIX: Windows Login Bug Damian taken from marcius fix for 1.8 branch.
  • FIX: Contact Us anonymous now works Damian
  • FIX: mod-application_menu expanding/collapsing on the Admin click Damian

New Features

  • Belarus now has a tiki flag! Identified as missing by techtonik, commit by Damian
  • Wiki plugin SPLIT upgraded to the 1.8 version for fixing the row splits Damian
  • Assistant Module now available in 1.7.6 Damian

Version numbers have been increased ready for the pending release.

Can people please add to this page a list of bugs to fix

please sign with your name too, so we can contact you if we need more details

Could you please check name changes on edit this does not seem right! Thanks, jamesoftopiya

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