Tiki 1.9RC3.1 is available since 2004-12-14 and fixes a security problem in RC3.
Tiki 1.9RC3 is available since 2004-09-08.

Release 1.9 rc3

known bugs

  • Resolve licensing issues: License
    • Wikigraph plugin should be moved to mods
    • need rewriting : lib/pear/Date.php
    • need replacement : lib/pear/NNTP.php
    • lib/pear/Net/Socket.php
    • TikiSheet licence cleaning (lib/sheet/ole*)
    • lib/webmail/htmlMimeMail.php has to be rewritten
  • Built it TPL editor removed Javascript from the Templates
  • Reply to a reply in the forum, makes the post your replying to seem like a top level topic post
  • When replying to a forum post, form is no longer pre-filled (feature? annoyance? make optional?)
  • ticketlib confirmation screens are messed up: the table doesn't take up 100% of the page width
  • TikiSheet doesnt work on multi-tiki
    • Are the nasty libraries staying too? or at least can they get translated into english?

half way fixed:

Bugs Fixed

  • Submit and article via tiki-edit_submission.php and expiry date is one year from now. (OK). Then, edit this same article with tiki-edit_article.php and the expiry date become today. (so the article disappears). Fixed in Branch-1-8 by roysinn
  • Wiki page edit warning is not reset after user saves page (terence)
  • Cancel edit no longer functioned (terence)
  • score_event caused error when anonymous viewed scored features Damian
  • Live Support
    • Fixed live support JS file Damian
    • Fixed live support chat request window Damian
    • Fixed bugs in LS transcripts Damian
    • Fixed bugs in transcript display Damian
  • categories : fixed display bug in tree on admin page mose
  • who_is_there module no longer showed idle time and was not xhtml compliant (terence)
  • bug #986208: the wiki undo function was broken (terence)
  • All newer modules/ code now has path disclosure protection Damian
  • tiki tabs - now IE friendly Damian
  • calendar/jscalendar - sits better in middle column Damian
  • maps upload dir navigation fixed mose
  • maps display fixed mose
  • CODE plugin no longer spews errors when no caption is defined (terence)
  • Kill the CookieMonster ! about the problem of cookie management and navigation memory (lphuberdeau, sylvie)
  • Forums have avatar, userlevel, posting, online and email details back
  • tiki-admin_categories.php's category browser is fixed for adding many levels of subcategories
  • access to image in gallery only if permission to its gallery is available, too ohertel
  • fixed postgresql install and probably other platforms install by enhancing the convertscript mose and UserPagesylvie
  • RSSModules
    • bug #993129: Forums RSS provides access to "restricted" forums - ohertel
    • display of rss 1.0, 2.0 and atom 0.3 working now (ohertel)
    • most rss feeds should work now (ohertel)
    • 983908: Single-blog RSS feed broken 1.9rc2+ (ohertel)
    • objects remained categorized even if all parent categories were removed (terence)
  • Multi-tiki install fixed in case of upgrade of existing multitiki mose
  • Killed the HashBug (np replaced by hashes) mose
  • use of / in agentinfo damian
  • themes fixes in geo, tiki and trollparty styles mose
  • exit; applied after header redirections Damian
  • Many more path disclosure fixes Damian
  • jspopup fix ported from 1.8 from SF bugs Damian
  • fixed categorization for images in imagegal mose
  • fixed ticketlib (the second one) mose

New Features

no new features in this RC please. Add them to HEAD Tikiwiki 1.10

  • changes in score and friendship new feature, please remind batawata to list them
  • new wikiplugin Versions mandatory for building up the doc mose
  • new wikiplugin SHOWPAGES damian
  • new wikiplugin Snarf for including a web page Robin
  • Default charset for sending mail sylvie
  • multilingual page and article - Help page: Internationalization sylvie


no new enhancements in this RC please. Add them to HEAD Tikiwiki 1.10

  • Code Wiki Plugin : added caption param mose
  • Calendar last modif events modules ModuleLastModifEvents Damian
  • RSSModules
    • tiki-admin_rssmodules.php: displays size of cached rss data (ohertel)
    • tiki-admin_rssmodules.php: "display feed title" is complete and working now (ohertel)
    • publish date is shown in preview, too (ohertel)
  • Redesign of the forum styles 'threaded', 'plain' and 'headers only' (ohertel)
  • New usermap feature to add users on tikimap (franck)
  • tiki-install can be deactivated automatically by adding location and die; Damian
  • Multiple users can be removed at the same time (terence)
  • Multiple users can be assigned to and removed from multiple groups at the same time (terence)
  • Default group of multiple users can be set at the same time (terence)
  • Removed some unprofessional wording from admin gallerys screen. Damian
    image libraries are detected or not, removed the use at your own risk warnings.

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