Roundtable Meeting 2019 11

Volunteering Facilitator: luciash d' being 🧙


Thursday, November 21st, 2019 at 14:00:00 UTC time (click to check time zone in your location)
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First hour, quick news

  1. Tiki News
    1. From the Dev mailing-list
      1. Tiki Diagrams are working well in latest 20.x!
      2. Tiki 21.x: Browser Automation: Growing in power
      3. Future: New tracker toys! (jonny could say a few words about it perhaps?)
      4. Announcing the "Bare Tiki" project
      5. Email as a "first-class citizen" in Tiki ( Cypth integration )
    2. Announcement: Devs needed to fix some new and old regressions before Branching (Jan. 24th)
  2. Other News
    1. New profiles by luci! (https://profiles.luciash.eu/profiles)
    2. Fosdem 2020 TikiFest is closer than ever! And there is a Call for Papers
  3. ...

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Second hour, longer topics

  1. luci would like to present a live "coding" session on how to produce, publish and install a simple Plugin Alias handler type of profile
  2. The process and screens for registering at Tiki skipped
    Bernard wrote:
    The actual registration process and form is too long; gives the impression we don’t know how to handle spammers. The screens are sa. All this puts us away from the actual internet standards and make us look bad.

    Following discussions on the dev and the admin list we agree to discuss and wrote down specifications of what we want and what needs to be fixed so devs (maybe DRC team) can handle this
    • 2 to 3 fields max (for a first step)
    • Social Network login (using FB account or OpenID, etc)
      • Isn't OpenID dead? No it isn't. I was asked for it as a preferred option by a big public organisation just this monday.
    • Happy faces and pleasant invitation to sign up
    • Working process that stops spammers simply (not 2 password fields + 2 other passcode and captcha) - (the Tiki captcha has always been a problem)
    • Easy life for the Tiki members that manage this
    • Working page: Revamp registration process at tiki.org - add ideas, etc.
    • ... Add yours
  3. Daniel's pitch (wish to organise a marketing event). Wasn't able to attend. Next meeting.
  4. VueJS comes to Tiki demo (hopefully) by Jonny Bradley
  5. ...

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