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 Event cancelled
The event was cancelled due to lack of participant.

Volunteering Facilitator: Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist


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14 Jun 2020 14:00 GMT-0000
16 Jun 2020 14:00 GMT-0000
18 Jun 2020 14:00 GMT-0000
19 Jun 2020 14:00 GMT-0000



Forums Improvements

How to Improvement the Tiki forum.


  1. Accepted, Solved tag
    I would like to see an "Accepted answer" / "Solved" tags the topic creator could enable for a message and/or the topic.
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Notifications are received and processed by email readers. It is critical the messages are handled properly and easily searchable, sortable and readable. It should be adapted to the "simple and shorted path" taking in account mobile smaller displays.

As it is today, subjects are very long, start the same (the essential informations, is at the end) and several mail readers get confused and can't process them properly:
Screen Shot 2020 06 08 At 08.30.11
From the devlist:
Re: Tiki-devel Tiki forum notifications subject make it harder...

Actual subject:
"New forum topic in <Features / Usability> by Dan Nelson: Enable multiple attachments in forum posts?"

Improve the notifications subject

  1. "New Enable multiple attachments in forum posts? by Dan Nelson in <Features / Usability>"
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Things that can be solved with right configuration.

Stars rating

Stars rating is something from the past
From the devlist:

  • Re: Tiki-devel Tiki.org forum rating and post numbers stars

I suggest we disable (this deprecated) feature. If we need to replace it we better use a "like" / "unlike" system (multilike module).

Fixes (wishlist)

It seems it is not possible to access to the Tiki forums using the t.o navigation. I found a "forums" page created sometimes ago getting on the way of the SEFurl "forums" and creating a loop. May be it is related to area and perspectives and more is needed to fix the issue.

They are a few items about the forums feature in the wishList

New code


Watch and listen to the recording of the meeting here.


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