Tiki Suite Demo

This page is about an early day demo server, which is no longer used. A new server is being set up which will be for production use (Dogfooding WikiSuite for and by the WikiSuite community). And later down the road, a deployment tool will be created so users can have their own test instances of WikiSuite.

This page is for end-users. All sysadmin / installation stuff should go to Tiki Suite Install

A Tiki Suite demo / test server has been set up. Contact Marc Laporte for access.

Server components


  • u: root or firstname.lastname -> This is ClearOS's OpenLDAP

on port 81

Update your password

port 81 in this directory: /app/user_profile


  • usual tiki-login_scr.php
    • username: admin or firstname.lastname -> connected to ClearOS's OpenLDAP
      • Still need to configure attribute sync (groups, emails, etc)
  • 2013-12-02: jCapture doesn't like SSL
    • This is a local misconfiguration issue. Perhaps a detection could be added to Tiki Check ?


  • username: mailadmin or firstname.lastname -> connected to ClearOS's OpenLDAP
  • webmail: in the webapp directory
  • ActiveSync: See below
  • IMAP: See below

Todo: set up http://www.zarafa.com/wiki/index.php/Configuring_instant_messaging_in_Zarafa_WebApp


  • Connected to ClearOS's OpenLDAP but users manually needs to be added to port :81 and /app/groups/edit_members/xmpp_plugin


FreeSWITCH & FusionPBX

  • FusionPBX is a PHP admin panel for FreeSWITCH and it is installed at the fusionpbx directory
    • As of 2014-03-13, it is not connected to LDAP. You need to use admin account to create new users and connect to phone numbers.


  • All managed via Tiki
  • Just login to Tiki and visit the BigBlueButton page


  • Managed via Tiki mostly, and also via the Kaltura Management Console (KMC)

Desktop & mobile client components


  • People already know this one :-)

Mail & Contact & Calendar

Thunderbird & Lightning

  • IMAP mails: standard set up
    • You can use the wizard to detect a working configuration from the e-mail & password.
    • As the SSL certificate is self-signed, you need to "Add a security exception"
  • LDAP address book
    • 2013-12-02 : port 636 needed to be opened?
  • Lightning calendar
    • 2013-12-02 : ports needed to be opened?


  • For most mobile devices. Add as if it was an Exchange server (sometimes called "Corporate Email"). See also docs
    • 2013-12-02 : ports needed to be opened 2013-12-05 Ports have been opened, but it's not working reliably on different devices, which is strange because it was working well on a previous set up 2014-02-25 fixed (it was debug code)
  • By default, ActiveSync configuration just asks for email & password. If that doesn't work, you will get a more advanced interface. Often, the field "Domain\user name" needs to be edited from for example \marc.laporte to example.org\marc.laporte


  • Connect Jitsi to Prosody for presence, chat, voice, video, desktop sharing, etc. As of 2014-03-13, Prosody (the XMPP server is not connected to ClearOS's LDAP, and thus, we need to create users separately. This is easy to do via Jitsi. Don't use a 'real' password here as the passwords are still stored in clear text. Now connected to ClearOS's OpenLDAP. Make sure the admin added your user to port 81 and the app/groups/edit_members/xmpp_plugin directory

2014 03 13 Adding XMPP User To Tikisuite


  • Samba file sharing has been set up.

Server URL: \\MyServer\test

You will need to visit port 81 and the /app/user_certificates directory and download the five files to the config directory of your OpenVPN instance (a different path depending on your OS)

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