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Tiki is great to manage centralized data. But what about data which should only be on our computer or shared with a colleague? You could email but the file may be too big and it's not very secure. You could upload to Tiki and email the link to your colleague but this is often not the most natural workflow.

Tiki is great as a place to go to to collaborate. But it lacks the "presence" factor of collaboration. Tiki is also more designed for "long term" knowledge building than the ephemeral discussions/collaboration that we don't need to refer back to. We need something which is cross-platform, and serverless and that boots when people boot their computer and automatically connects you to others.

Also, Tiki Suite is focusing on smaller organizations (at first at least) and thus, they may have their Tiki on shared hosting, and may want to postpone getting a dedicated server.

A friend-to-friend (or F2F) computer network will cover these needs. This page is to research potential Secure F2F platforms to address this. And it should meet the same criteria as other components of the Tiki Suite.

  • One option is extend Activity Streams and the Shoutbox to support a standard to be interoperable with other systems. See also -> Status updates/micro-blogging (distributed) or wish2258
    • cdrwhite: how about a few minimal extensions to the shoutbox stuff, we already have? shouts-per-user (also as rss), twitter-account and facebook-account as objects with object permissions, allowing a group to use one account)

We don't want just file sharing / sync. In the long term, we want

  • Distributed wiki
  • Contacts (CardDAV)
  • Calendar (CalDAV)
  • Passwords and bookmarks
  • Email
  • Presence
    • instant messaging
    • Voip
    • Videochat
    • Screensharing
  • group chat

The first users will likely be the Tiki Security Team.

Type of data How to manage
Public Tiki
Organization-wide Tiki with Permissions (using Tiki as an Intranet)
Workspace Tiki with Permissions (using Tiki as an Intranet)
Need to know Tiki Token. Need a solution for when not stored on Tiki.
Private Need a sync & encrypt solution


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