Tiki Suite Specialized components

These are applications known to be interoperable with Tiki & Tiki Suite, but that are not as commonly needed by the typical SME.

P2P / F2F social networking

Tiki has an extensive feature set to manage your own Social Networking site. Or you can connect to existing centralized Social Networks. This covers the needs of most organizations. However, there is no current solution to manage a distributed social network. The discussion is happening at: F2F

Web hosting

ClearOS is (among other things) a web hosting platform. However, it's designed for a virtual machine per project / company. If you need hosting with hundreds of sites per server, and a payment platform, look into: ISPConfig


Tiki has built-in SEO tools for the average web site. Web agencies that handle a lot of SEO may want to look into http://www.seopanel.in/

Software development

Most organizations don't develop software so we won't focus on this now. But perhaps later

See also: Tiki Suite Development




  • We want a way to make and receive payments via Bitcoin in the Tiki shopping cart, and to be able to manage bitcoins (mining, transactions, etc.)


Cclite Community currency accounting


R is an integrated suite of software facilities for data manipulation, calculation and graphical display.
See also: D3.js support in Tiki


Zotero server



Mesh Network

Building Management, Physical security, etc

Digital Signage

Hardware alternatives

Managing a large number of desktops / laptops

We want a solution like GLPI and OCS Inventory NG

Media / Animation / 3D

See also

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