Tiki Suite deployment scenarios

Tiki Suite is currently aiming organizations of less than 100 users. All components are scalable and it can work for tens of thousands, with the appropriate hardware & configuration. This page is to discuss the various scenarios, and how to adapt as your organization grows.
You will need a laptop for each user. This laptop doesn't need a lot of power, and can be GNU/Linux, Mac OS or Windows.

In addition, server-side, you will need, depending on your context:

Cloud server (VPS or dedicated)

Home / SOHO (Small Office / Home Office)

Several small offices and a data center

  • Each office
  • Data Center, where various services can be deployed on distinct ClearOS instances. For example:
    • ClearOS with file server (Samba FlexShare)
      • Todo: Document a server to server sync solution, with versionning
    • ClearOS with Tiki
    • ClearOS with Kolab
    • ClearOS with Openfire Meetings

High volume

Remote village or island

Mobile set up

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