Tiki Suite service providers

There will be several types of services around Tiki Suite.

End to end

AvanTech.net offers paid support for everything related to Tiki Suite. We want many many more!


If you want to get the full package without maintaining any server software on your end -> Tiki Suite SaaS

Installation, Customization, Configuration, Training

You want someone to install the Tiki Suite on your infrastructure and train your team. Ideally installation would be "on click" in that it would come in form of VMs and/or installer scripts allowing the setup to replicated quickly.


You want someone to remotely support your setup of Tiki Suite. Ex.: Monitoring, upgrades, etc.

Feature development

Tiki Suite does most of what you need. You like the idea. You saved some money and you want to contribute back. So you sponsor new features or better integration, which will be part of the Tiki Suite.

Services around Tiki Suite

These are services for things that are Not in Tiki Suite, like getting a phone number, a domain name, etc..

Ex.: http://les.net/, http://voip.ms/

ClearCenter should hopefully offer most of these:

ClearCenter offers Hardware

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