Tiki Suite work day

A work day is being held with the folks from Clear OS in Toronto in October 2013 -> TikiFest2013-Toronto-ClearOS. The plan below will happen a few months after in Montréal.


  • A tech day about Tiki Suite, followed by an executive summary and a networking event


  • Get more people on board
  • Progress on picking components


Everyone is invited


Invited individuals

Organization, network and media invitations


Shortly after the release of ClearOS Enterprise 6.1.0 beta 2. There are some features in there that we need. ClearOS 5.2 was fine for a proof of concept but we want to build on 6.x


Montréal, Canada and online
Perhaps at the Notman house


Tech day

People that want to work on the Suite and offer services or SaaS

Presentation and networking

This part is an executive summary and for potential users of the Tiki Suite.

  • 17h->18h Present conclusions of the work day
  • 18h->18h30 question period. Especially to make sure we considered all the options.
  • 18h30->20h30 Cocktail & networking

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