Suggest a Backronym for Tiki!

TIKI wiki stands for . . . Tightly Integrated Knowledge Infrastructure

Other proposals were:

Tightly Integrated Knowledge and Information

Totally Integrated Knowledge Infrastructure
Total Information and Knowledge Infrastructure

Traced Internal Killer Interactions

Tiki Integrates Knowledge Interactions
Tiki Is Knowledge Inter-relationships

Tiki Innovative Knowledge Infrastructure
Tiki Innovative Knowledge-management Infrastructure

Traced Internal Killer Interactions
Techie Interfaces Kauses Irritation

Total Intelligence Knitting Intranet

Total Ingentuity Kibbutz Implosion

The Incandescent Knights of Information

Tragically Ingenious Know-how Intensifier

Tinkerers Instantiate Knowledge Incrementally
Tiki Is Knowledge Incarnate

please add your ideas (in other languages too!)

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