2012-04-02 Report

Nelson Ko and Marc Laporte did about 45 commits in two days, to overhaul & simplify the Kaltura integration in trunk (for Tiki10). We got guidance from Zohar Babin and Andrew Davis from the Kaltura Team
Here is what is left


Tiki & Kaltura event which is somewhat the New York follow-up took place at the Kaltura Dev Connect 2012


Saturday March 31st 2012

9am to 5pm
TikiFest at the Kaltura head office in NY

We'll be deploying 3 Kaltura-Tiki integrations (including a relaunch of tv.tiki.org) and working on improving the Tiki & Kaltura integration


  • Which "default transcoding flavors" should we pick? (Save disk space but have flexibility)
    • What are the limitations ? Why not all of them ? MP4 with h.264 codec is good industry standard with balanced quality/size ratio. FLV with VP6 is proprietary (VP8 would be maybe better?) but it seems to be required for producing FLVs, right ? ... Can you have both ?
      • For the Kaltura "flavors" please see: Kaltura

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

To be determined, but likely Marc & Nelson continuing to work on Tiki-Kaltura integration

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

"Join us at Kaltura DevConnect 2012, the crossroads of media management and open source video. Come together with hundreds of the brightest and most talented people in the web video industry."

In this video

  • Zohar Babin, Director of Community, Kaltura
  • Rebecca Avery, Digital Content Manager, Ovation TV
  • Mike Williams, Project Manager, University of Minnesota
  • Sam Coupe, Senior Manager of Digital Operation, ABC News
  • Bob Craig, Office og the CTO, Avid
  • Andrew Davis, Community Manager, Kaltura
  • Michael Penny, VP, Product and Platforms, RemoteLearner
  • Leon Gordin, Application Team, MediaSpace, Kaltura
  • Todd Carter, CTO Carter
  • Jeff Rubenstein, VP, Product Development, 2tor
  • Kevin Freund, Director of Professional Development - OnPrem, Kaltura
  • Jess Portnoy, Professional Development - Backend, Kaltura
  • Marc Laporte, Project Administrator, Volunteer, Tiki
  • Michael Kolowich, Founder and CEO, Knowledge Vision
  • TJ Kudalis, Technical Project Manager IBSys


Open to all!

  • Zohar Babin (from NYC)
  • Andrew Davis (from NYC)
  • Nelson Ko (flying from Toronto)
  • Marc Laporte (flying from Montréal)
  • One employee from a company which is a Kaltura customer & Tiki user (flying from Montréal)
  • You?



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