Open Audio Blog and Streaming Audio Tiki Media Network

  • Colorado posted the great idea of having easy to install server side audio blogging capabilities to Tiki - called InternationalTalkRadio, to provide networked audio media distribution.

  • Our Tikigod Damian has already included a JukeBox feature into Tiki allowing for streaming of mp3 files over fast networks for multi-user audio "events". ;-)

  • Now, there is also an other external project not yet very pubic, but the more so successful in deed:
  • http://www.wired.com/news/technology/0,1282,61966,00.html
    • "13 Languages Speak With One Voice: MUMBAI, India — The World Social Forum is speaking in 13 languages this year. And amazingly, most of the time, everyone understands what the others are saying. "

Audio-Enabled Forums Too!

Colorado had gotten a commitment from the open-source software development team at Public Voice Lab, (located in Vienna, Austria) to develop audio-enabled online forums using a telephony interface. This relationship needs to be taken over and led by a more technically proficient member of the Tikiwiki community. This is a tremendous opportunity that needs to be followed up on. I will send copies of my correspondence with Public Voice Lab to whomever is interested. Just click here to send me a message - Colorado.

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