Top-10 differences

  1. Tiki is licensed LGPL, while most projects of this type are GPL.
  2. Tiki has an all-in-one model, Swiss-army-knife approach to features, compared to the small core, add third party modules for completion model. Features are not broken with updates. All the features and languages are in a single download. Tiki is, as far as we know, the open source Web application with the most built-in features. This is inherent to the model.
  3. We eat our own DogFood
  4. The Tiki project is a friendly one that is very easy to contribute: How to get commit access
  5. Tiki is the only full-featured CMS/Groupware application that has a wiki at the core.
  6. Tiki is the only wiki-centered application with so many features — forums, trackers (forms), galleries, blogs, etc.
  7. Tiki page layouts are fluid by design to accommodate even extreme content dimensions.
  8. Theme application is very flexible, with even per-feature, per-page or per-content category application possible.
  9. Tiki developers follow three simple rules.
  10. Tiki Community follows an Open Organization explicit Social Contract and everyone can participate to the project direction.

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