PluginFormula rendering problem

I've noticed that when I enable PluginFormula and render some equations (specifically ones including exponentiation [^]), the image comes out OK, but often there will be some additional html garbage tagged on to the end of it... which doesn't look very nice. I was able to figure out that this is probably happening because the wiki renderer is interpreting the text inside of the IMG ALT field. A simple patch to include wiki "no process" tags in there seems to fix it up. The patch follows:

--- wikiplugin_formula.php
@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@
                $file = $tmpf . ".png";
                $html = "<img src=\"temp/" .$file.
-                       "\" alt=\"" .$data. "\" ".
+                       "\" alt=\"" .$data. "\" ".
        return $html;

To do

  • Figure out how and where to submit attachment patch to the Tiki project
  • Look at bug that doesn't allow you to categorize a new article on submission (article object can only be categorized after it's been saved and you go back to modify it's characteristics).
  • Figure out how to include array of topic images for articles based on all the categories they belong to.
  • Wishlist wiki module


...page... Wiki page pagination has not been enabled.

Filename uniqueness for wiki uploads

Forum discussion here.
I made some tweaks so now the file name md5 will be found based on the combination of the filename and the wiki page name it's uploaded to. I can have the same filename on a different page with no problem but if I upload a new file with the same name to a page where that filename already exists, it will replace it on the disk. So no stale files.

Also a tweak to wikilib.php makes the database record get updated if you upload the same filename to a given page instead of inserting a new record (which leaves the original record stale).

(If you keep wiki files in the database, you can have unlimited identical filenames on a given page. If you then convert these to filesystem storage though this patch won't prevent stale database records... and the last file you converted will be the only file on disk) (Attached diff run through patch)

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