Translation to Farsi

Hi everyone,
I learnt about Tikiwiki a few days ago (Feb 1st, 2004). I was amazed by the amount of development already done in the short age of this software. That's why I see a lot of potential in it. Having that in mind, I decided to start translating the software into Farsi (my first language). I ask everyone who knows Farsi and English for help in this matter. If you are interested please contact me at darissavi_at_yahoo.com or leave me an IM on Yahoo with the same ID.
For now, the task is to translate about 3350 words/short sentences from English to Farsi and put them in a text file. I have done about 450 of them already.
I really appreciate your help. I'm sure it will be highly appreciated by the Tikiwiki community too.


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