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How to use TikiWiki

Start by going to http://www.opensourcecms.com/cms/tiki/
here you can login


The Wiki Menu
The following image is the menu that most users will see if all options are activated.

The options are as follows:

* Wiki the Wiki Home page is viewed. See A Wiki Page below
* Wiki Home the Wiki Home page is viewed. See A Wiki Page below
* Last Changes this allows the user to see which pages have changed. See Last Changes below
* Dump this allows the user to create a compressed file from the page
* Rankings this will show which pages are hot or how much activity they have had. See Wiki Rankings below
* List Pages this provides a complete listing of all pages in the site. See List Pages below
* Orphan Pages pages do get orphaned with time - that is - the links to them are removed. This option provides a way to find them. See Backlinks & Orphan Pages below
* Sandbox this is a safe place to experiment with Wiki Syntax or HTML. See The Sandbox below
* Print this allows multiple pages to be printed. See Wiki Printing below
* Structures (not shown in the image) are visible to anyone with Admin privileges. Structures are a way of applying an order to Wiki pages, like building a directory tree.

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