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James Rickard Cogley is based in Tokyo Japan, and has been working in the IT consulting and support engineering industry for the past 14 years. He specializes in bilingual (Japanese - English) consulting and project management, and his company eSolia is a privately-held Japanese KK focused on the same.

Prior to starting eSolia, Cogley was a charter member, co-owner and the CIO of PTS, a professional IT training and services firm, which was acquired in 2000 by Datacraft Asia.

In his youth, Cogley was a semi-professional drumset player, and his weekend music activities helped finance an education in pre-med Biology at Allegheny College, Meadville PA. His Allegheny adviser gave him an introduction to a professor of pharmaceutics at Tokyo University, and a homestay opportunity made it possible to attend Tokyo U as a research student for one year in 1988. He made the decision to leave research, and his interest in the Fortran algorithms used to analyze experimental data was the stepping stone to a career in IT.

In his professional career, Cogley has led projects including Mobil's standard managed environment Japan localization effort, Boston Scientific Japan's IT re-structuring for SAP R/3, and project management training development and execution for UBS Japan IT, amongst others, and is now working on a combined IT-reorg and ERP rollout for a US multinational.

In his spare time, Cogley enjoys blogging, drumming, watching films, studying to develop himself professionally, and an occasional drink with friends.

Cogley's goal is to develop eSolia into a global consultancy, focused on providing business-focused bilingual-liaison consulting to companies on the most challenging projects.


Project management, consulting, drumming, Japan, drama

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