Hi my name is Stefan Harbeck. I am chief developer in a small company which is focused on

  • speech recognition
  • telephon applications
  • dialog systems

Four years ago I programmed a small piece of code which converts txt files to HTML files including visualisation aspects. Basis for that stuff was that every document inside this system has an unique id which can be written anywhere in the text and will be transformed to a link during the HTML transformation. So during the last three years I collected lots of documents (2000 documents approximatly).

The problem with this approach was, that I was the only one who was able to add documents to the system. Recently I looked for Wiki based solutions and found Tikiwiki which seemed to be the solution to all my problems. I programmed a short script which transforms all my documents (including PDF papers, images, and word documents) into the Tikiwiki system. Now I have all my 2000 documents inside my Tikiwiki and every one of my colleages can access and even edit them! Wonderful!

There are still some minor questions, but I will read the documentation first before asking silly questions.

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