Jan 2003

Found tiki searching for information-sharing and groupware apps for my company.

Feb 2003

Have spend weekends and nights to figure out if its usefull for my company.
By the way I installed on my windows desktop for the first time in my life Apache, MySql and PHP and learned how to solve problems using the internet.
The old 1.6 pdf manual was also very helpful.

April 2003

Asked our technicians to install Tiki on our Server. This time on SuSe Linux.

Mai 2003

We have installed Tiki and use it on our intranet.
We had to switch from UTF-8 to ISO-8859-7 encoding for compatibility with existing data and/or apps.
I suspect this will be a problem in the future.

March 2004

Tiki is online for 426 days and we upgraded from 1.6 to 1.7.6 and its going well.
An attempt to jump to 1.8 failed - still don't know why.
On 28 of March I started a Greek language.php file and after the first weekend I feel that it will be fun and it will be useful too.

April 2004

Our Tiki is finally running on 1.8.2 and the partial translation from 1.7.6 works also on the new version. Now I have to understand better the mechanism related to the language files.
Some contacts to other Greek Tiki fans - maybe there will be a Greek branch of the Tiki community.
As far as I want to support this actively I have to think about the reasons why the Greek open source community is so weak.

December 2005

Meanwhile we have two Tiki sites running. The first is our intranet site, running for 1469 days, and the second one is the commercial site PcShop running since a month.
I discovered that using the sql plugin and retrieving product codes from our Oracle based ERP with a construct like:

SELECT '(('||product_code||'))' AS PRODUCT FROM...

helps us to create semi-automatically wiki pages for our products.
I tried to use the trick in tiki mobile but it doesn't work for two reasons:

  • in tiki mobile I see the articlecode with double parentheses, so its not parsed as a wiki link
  • the utf8 encoded Greek characters are translated to '?'

Its a pitty.

March 2013

Now we have three intranet sites running and two B2B commercial sites running on tiki.
The commercial sites have a lot of custom plugins and custom css and unfortunately we are traped at an veru old tiki version.
Nevertheless one of our sites http://netconnect.gr is running on pc, tablet and smartphones and maybe the css is interesting for other tiki friends.

Pages of interest are LanguageGreek and LanguageGreekIssues

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