Webinar 2012 04


Thursday, April 19, 2012 at 21:00:00 UTC time (click for time zone in your city)


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Tiki 8 feature presentation (10 min)

Tiki 9 feature presentation (10 min)

Examples of Tiki in Use (10 min)

  • Barter network directory in Catalan Countries (using 6x)
    • using a dynamic items list in a spare tracker for cities and suburbs, to allow filtering items (offers and demands) as well as people for locations using Webinar 2012 04 as argument variable in filter param of trackerlists.

Developer discussion (30 min)

Open Space and community discussion (30 min)

  • PHP Quebec invitation

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Are invited:

    • Daniel
    • Marc
    • Chealer
    • Philippe Dallaire
    • You
  • Topic 2

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  • live.tiki.org via BigBlueButton
    • All you need is a web browser with Flash enabled
    • Make sure to have a headset (otherwise, we'll mute you to avoid background noises)
    • You'll also be able to phone in using Skype or a regular phone, but in this case, you won't have access to chatroom and presentation.


  • Marc Laporte
  • Daniel
  • Jean-Marc Jyhem Libs
  • xavi
  • Robert Plummer
  • Torsten Fabricius
  • you?

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