Webinar 2014 04

Volunteering Facilitator: Bernard Sfez



Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 19:00:00 UTC time (click for time zone in your city)


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1st hour quick news

  1. Tiki 12.1 release
  2. TikiFest information (Nelson)
  3. Bootstrap status (Gary and Gezza)
  4. wikiLingo status (Robert and Torsteen)
  5. Surveys mini-revamp demo (JonnyB) (not sure when i can make it but will try )

Second hour, longer topics

  1. How can we improve our dynamics & performance as a Community? (regarding 'quality' and 'quantity'). E.g.:
    1. four months after 12.0 and no 12.1 yet (and some important patches found only in 12.1+)
    2. we might not be using the potential we have to run self-tests in our code?
    3. code.tiki.org : low hanging fruit not being used? Unnecessary?
    4. mother.tiki.org still broken (after 2 months, at least; unmet dependencies: php 5.5), even after repeated requests to have it up again
    5. next*.tiki.org (e.g. http://nextdoc.tiki.org ) broken also for a long while due to (unmet dependencies: php 5.5)
    6. too few people (for instance, from the group of tiki project admins willing to help) with access to critical servers, to fix things like the one reported related to mother.tiki.org (as a simple example)
    7. Webinars announced (since August 2013) to be splitted and reshaped into:
      1. Roundtable Meetings (<- Traditional Webinars to date)
      2. Developer Webinars
      3. Power User Webinars
      4. TMIT

      but after 8 months, no news about 2-3-4?
    8. Maybe still outdated libs in our 12.x LTS branch?
      • Tiki 12.0 was supposed to be released with the latest versions of libs. We did a release without, with the todo that those were supposed to be resolved before 12.1. It makes no sense to start a 5-year LTS with out of date libs. (...)

        Re: http://dev.tiki.org/Tiki+12+Composer+Dependencies

        What is problematic is that it looks like no progress has been made on this in over 3 months. ...
    9. ...

Chat log

Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): Hello Bernard :)
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): I'll be back at 19h00 so recording start right in time, cu
Xavi (xavi): polom
Nelson (koth): polom
robertplummer: Gettings
anonymous: hello !
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): Whi is anonymous
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): ?
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): :)
anonymous: damn, Tiki logged me out in between :D
anonymous: brb
Gary Cunningham-Lee (chibaguy): Hello everyone
Xavi (xavi): sylvie = sylvieg????
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): Hello Sylvie !
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): Hello !
sylvie: hello - I have no microphone
luciash d' being (luci): hi again ! :)
Xavi (xavi): @sylvie: ohhhhhh :-) Nice to see/read you again!
robertplummer: Hey Luci! Been a while since I have seen you.
Xavi (xavi): hi luci, Gary, robert and all (btw)
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): Hello Sylvie :)
robertplummer: Hi Xavi. JM, Sylvie.
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): polom everybody
robertplummer: hi torsten!
Xavi (xavi): there are still some listed here: http://dev.tiki.org/Tiki12#Blockers
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): https://dev.tiki.org/Tiki12
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): tks Xavi
Xavi (xavi): Jean MArc?
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): is there a way to make the presentation bigger?
luciash d' being (luci): "non-parsed tiki syntax is ignored" is marked as blocker ?
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): readable?
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): a button or so?
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): can't understand you
Xavi (xavi): +1 to remove item5172 from blockers
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): must restart
luciash d' being (luci): +1
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): must restart too
robertplummer: Is everyone restarting because of audio issues?
Nelson (koth): can you say something?
Xavi (xavi): and in fact, issues with wysiwyg loosing content: they are not affecting standard installs, isn't it?, so shouldn't be a blocker then? (item5164 , and the one related to tracker text areas with wysiwyg loosing content)
luciash d' being (luci): dogfood testing
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): Yes I had audio issues now better
Nelson (koth): http://tiki.org/TikiFestT13Alpha
Nelson (koth): http://tiki.org/TikiFestT13Alpha
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): item5172 is about losing content which was between  on upgrade to Tiki12, but since I seem to have been the only person to do that...
robertplummer: Luci, you kinda look like a James Bond villain.
robertplummer: just saying :P
luciash d' being (luci): robert: which one, lol :D
Xavi (xavi): hey, Gary, you wear glasses....
Xavi (xavi): Google glasses? ;-)
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): From everyone JM please
Gary Cunningham-Lee (chibaguy): My laptop has small text size so these are reading glasses.
robertplummer: Luci: a good one.
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): jiamcatt.org
Nelson (koth): http://tiki.org/TikiFestT13Alpha#Schedule
Nelson (koth): http://tiki.org/TikiFestT13Alpha#Schedule
robertplummer: A good bad villain.
luciash d' being (luci): http://tiki.org/show:TikiFestT13Alpha#s12
Xavi (xavi): luci, did you notice our dog?
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): Unfortunatly it has been cancelled.
luciash d' being (luci): yeah !
luciash d' being (luci): xavi: :)
robertplummer: No way of upgrading?
Xavi (xavi): :-)
robertplummer: I'm a dog guy too Xavi.
Xavi (xavi): yes, I heard it :-)
robertplummer: upgrading I mean to 5.5 in php.
Xavi (xavi): and so is Gary, afair
robertplummer: Xavi, good, I had it aimed in your general direction.
robertplummer: :P
Xavi (xavi): :-D
luciash d' being (luci): :D
Xavi (xavi): Hey, Gary and friend!
luciash d' being (luci): two dogs here in da house but they are not allowed to participate in webinars ;-)
robertplummer: To be clear, this is wysiwyg CKEditor, correct?
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): I use wysiwyg
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): re polom
robertplummer: Hi Torsten.
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): you have cut your hair?
robertplummer: Me? I need one.
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): really? is short already
robertplummer: It is almost time to get it hacked off.
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): do not use an axe
luciash d' being (luci): Wysiwyg is luckily quite usable nowadays I would say, isn’t it ?
luciash d' being (luci): in 12 at least
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): luci: I still do not like it so much
robertplummer: luci, for things liek bold, sure.
robertplummer: luci, you start pushing it, and it breaks.
Jonny Bradley (jonnybradley): polom
Gavin Crenshaw (Jshauk): polom
Xavi (xavi): hi Jonny!
luciash d' being (luci): hmmm, maybe i do not push it too much ;-)
robertplummer: hi jonny
Jonny Bradley (jonnybradley): what time is the 10 o'clock meeting? (sorry, i'm late!)
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): luci: I hope for wikiLingo ... still in some alpha, but I see it growing and already have one usecase, where I prefer it
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): jonny: it is the 19:00 UTC meeting, but UK is usually one hour after us .. isn't it?
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): /me feel unlucky today with audio...
luciash d' being (luci): one of my clients complained about Wysiwyg converting to wiki syntax by default :-p so I had to switch it off so he could edit HTML in the Wysiwyg source view as he was used to - irony ...
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): /me aswell Bernard ... not really perfect ... different loudness per person
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): I do not get all
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): and I cannot read the schedule
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): (too small)
luciash d' being (luci): seems he did not make it
luciash d' being (luci): ah, jhe is here, as guest
Xavi (xavi): Gary?
luciash d' being (luci): i see
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): yes
Nelson (koth): Hi Gary too soft
luciash d' being (luci): hi Guest: gezza - no audio it seems
Xavi (xavi): fyi: https://doc.tiki.org/BigBlueButton
luciash d' being (luci): nice it works :)
Xavi (xavi): old doc (bbb 0.80, but worth reading at least once those of you who are not used to bbb :-)
Jonny Bradley (jonnybradley): +1 for that
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): lacking today - flying in and out
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): sorry
luciash d' being (luci): what means "chrome" ?
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): gary: document bigger please?
luciash d' being (luci): +1
Jonny Bradley (jonnybradley): +1 for tiki.css
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): +1
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): are the bootswatch themes options right now? I do not like so much as options
Jonny Bradley (jonnybradley): /me likes Robert's t-shirt
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): can you read what it say ?
Xavi (xavi): /me likes it also :-)
luciash d' being (luci): yes, options
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): ha ha ha
Xavi (xavi): ok, I like your t-shirt, Torsten, too :-)
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): :-D thx
luciash d' being (luci): column switching should work at least
luciash d' being (luci): also full fluid width (as opposed to fixed width) would be nice, but i can override, if not there, not big issue
Jonny Bradley (jonnybradley): fun is the whole point, hurrah! :)
luciash d' being (luci): who ?
luciash d' being (luci): not me
Bernard TREMBLAY (Trebly): My first webinar, Hi,
luciash d' being (luci): Hi Trebly, you are welcome :)
Jonny Bradley (jonnybradley): hi Trebly
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): sure Bernard T.? welcome
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): Thank you Gary
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): ahh I see you first time :-)
luciash d' being (luci): Trebly: are you talking about max-widths ?
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): say it again?
Gary Cunningham-Lee (chibaguy): luci,
luciash d' being (luci): I think in Bootstrap it is done fixed width too but using some predefined grids
luciash d' being (luci): yes
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): fixed-width style bad managed up to 12?
Gary Cunningham-Lee (chibaguy): fluid width is possible by just defining the container div as 100%.
Gary Cunningham-Lee (chibaguy): .container is bootstrap's "fixed-width" div.
luciash d' being (luci): i do not see a problem here, I think we do not have problem here in Tiki 12 nor in 13
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): dev.tiki.org
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): content template?
luciash d' being (luci): Gary: even with the bootstrap grids defined ? they change to percentual ?
Jonny Bradley (jonnybradley): agenda? (sorry)
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): luci / gary: grid always relative? just .container fixed and done?
Xavi (xavi): Trebly: "Commit early, commit often". I'm afraid you have too many things in your custom branch, that could be too diverged from current trunk
luciash d' being (luci): +1, put it on a wiki page Trebly please, thanks
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): I'm also waiting for this page and an experimental branch
Gary Cunningham-Lee (chibaguy): The grid divs are always percentages.
Xavi (xavi): I wish you could get close to trunk again
luciash d' being (luci): Gary: ah, thanks, did not know that (me ashamed)
Gary Cunningham-Lee (chibaguy): heh, no worries.
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): when we have an expermimental branch, i can make a demo on demo.to//showcases_and_experiments/
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): luci / gary ... that is how I understand bootstrap - and no need to make anything fixed below .container
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): but so far, I can only wait
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): please Bernard Trebly: wikipage on dev.tiki.org + experimental branch
luciash d' being (luci): u can upload the page again in the prezentation window ?
Bernard TREMBLAY (Trebly): I listen now
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): Wonderful sound quality ^^
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): wow, yes
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): he has some equipment
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): +1
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): that was short
luciash d' being (luci): +1 for not breaking the content :)
luciash d' being (luci): this is XHTML :)
luciash d' being (luci): IIRC there was FANCYLIST plugin now gone in wikiLingo replaced by simple ordered list sytnax
luciash d' being (luci): anyway, not important, go on
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): +1 Robert touch screen text editor !
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): :)
Nelson (koth): Touch screen text editor :)
luciash d' being (luci): what you touch is what you get ?
luciash d' being (luci): :-p
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): :D
luciash d' being (luci): my precious tabs
Gary Cunningham-Lee (chibaguy): :)
luciash d' being (luci): btw, &cookietab=2 does not work in trunk anymore
Nelson (koth): hmm, ok -one for next week :)
luciash d' being (luci): what do u use for these unit tests ?
Gavin Crenshaw (Jshauk): he used testify for the unit tests i think
luciash d' being (luci): tks
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): +1 for "good to have brought wikiLingo to 13"!!!
Xavi (xavi): +1 (congrats Robert)
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): clap clap...
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): should I quickly show a usecase, where I use wikiLingo!
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): ?
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): if very short ?
Xavi (xavi): Torsten, maybe not now, maybe at the end if there is time left?
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): Xavi ?
Xavi (xavi): Jonny wanted to do a short demo of surveys in tiki13, and he seems to be in a hurry?
luciash d' being (luci): i just want to say it is full of potential and looks great - we just need to settle it down and remove redundant libs if possible (wikilingo/codemirror ?) and simplify
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): Xavi, no problem .... I can at any time, just have to do some stuff - Xavi, let's say it so: if I get disconnected and did not realise, please you or Robert ring me on skype and I instantly come back in
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): Xavi, have made a little newsletter based mailing tool for a conference and use pre-13 and wikiLingo
Gary Cunningham-Lee (chibaguy): I've got Git installed, thanks to Nelson and Patrick's project, but that doesn't seem to be recognized by Composer unless there's more glue stuff that has to happen.
Xavi (xavi): sounds nice! :-)
Jonny Bradley (jonnybradley): ok, i have to go (sorry) - TikiLove to all, will try and get back before the end, if not next time, irc, dev list etc etc
Xavi (xavi): ok, thks jonny
Gary Cunningham-Lee (chibaguy): Thanks for dropping by , Jonny.
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): Love Jonny
Jonny Bradley (jonnybradley): p.s. Nelson, can you do the survey mini-demo? ta!
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): Thanks Jonny, sorry you don't stay for next question :(
Xavi (xavi): Torsten, then, maybe the right time is now for your demo, if the moderator is fine with it?
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): tks jonny
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): Torsteen, we are going over the second hour now and Xavi bring us an important and quite heavy topics.
luciash d' being (luci): hardly hearing you Jyhem
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): Tiki 9 : <img bla> → an imageTiki 9 : ~np~i → Tiki 12:  → Wikilinguo Tiki13 :  → an imageWikilinguo Tiki13 : ????? → 
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): Tiki 9 : <img bla>i → 
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): <img>
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): Tiki 12: <img bla> → 
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): <img>
luciash d' being (luci): ah, I see, but that is not Robert’s fault, is it ? :)
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): Bernaard: no problem, I just offer to quickly show and can show at any time even at latest for 1 person .... just mind, that I might be thrown out by the system and did not get, so mind to ring on skype, just in case
luciash d' being (luci): is it only in wikiLingo ? wikiLingo is optional
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): Wikilinguo Tiki13 : ????? → <img bla>
luciash d' being (luci): i thought it is regression in Tiki parsing in general
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): you can output wikiLingo to pretty much all - given you define once
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): PDF should be quite easy
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): I feel that from the user's viewpoint there is no guessing what happens when typing code ?
luciash d' being (luci): Jyhem: the problem with np not working anymore is in wiki syntax in general or only in wikiLingo ?
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): right Robert?
luciash d' being (luci): use CODE plugin ?
luciash d' being (luci): or HTML plugin
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): code plugin is a big block block
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): same issue with html
luciash d' being (luci): inline param could do
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): Can I have notallowed=everything ?
luciash d' being (luci): the trick
luciash d' being (luci): you can style the div with display: inline-block or display: inline CSS
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): yup
luciash d' being (luci): something like -+php text-indent: 2rem $foo = "bar";+- ???
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): That was a bit too much "and Torsten" ... I am just listening, testing, using and giving some feedback to Robert every here and then
robertplummer: Tada!
luciash d' being (luci): typo there
robertplummer: Luci, did you see?
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): gret work and great demo Robert, thx
robertplummer: thanks
luciash d' being (luci): i thought it will style the plugin
luciash d' being (luci): with text-indent
robertplummer: -++- is not a plugin, it is a syntax ;)
luciash d' being (luci): or vorder-right: solid 1px red
luciash d' being (luci): aha
robertplummer: The concepts are different.
luciash d' being (luci): sorry then, confused
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): what is Xavi talking about?
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): Second hour
luciash d' being (luci): so in the {CODE()}...{CODE} it should work, right ?
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): can you talk louder ?
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): I must go to the mail ... cannot read the presentation window
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): no, the code() plugin is very useful... for a different thing :)
robertplummer: {DIV(text-indent="2em")}-+php $foo = "bar";+-{DIV}
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): too small
luciash d' being (luci): robert: ok, thanks
robertplummer: luci, no problem.
luciash d' being (luci): so basically as a new param
robertplummer: exactly!
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): No I get the context ... sorry for my confusion, audio was bad
Xavi (xavi): ok
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): Xavi .. sry, keeping up now
Xavi (xavi): http://tiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=Webinar%202014%2004#Second_hour_longer_topics
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): surely I stay for this important topic
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): What is the context Torsten ? I still did not get it
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): Jean-Marc, improving the community ... 12.1 four month not out, new people have difficulties to find the way to the processes etc.
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): Ahh, ok
luciash d' being (luci): 13 is unlucky number ;-)
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): redundancy - !!!
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): I also think we need to map better aera and task then to matche them with required skills.
luciash d' being (luci): moving part of the load to a new server is good idea, +1
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): (match)
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): Remove
luciash d' being (luci): +1 for remove
robertplummer: for those interested in css parameters for plugins: https://github.com/wikiLingo/wikiLingo/wiki/Styling-wikiLingo-Plugins
robertplummer: in wikiLingo ^
luciash d' being (luci): because we do not have resources to have more than one webinar monthly (mostly)
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): Because it looks like someone organizing these for other people who never asked or felt the need for it :)
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): what is TMIT?
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): Like a avideo changelog ? ^^
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): Ahh, actual demos... nice
luciash d' being (luci): there was none yet, right ? or did i missed it ?
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): none
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): you missed none
luciash d' being (luci): :)
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): I like the idea of having general and specific webinar.
luciash d' being (luci): we already have one, do not we ?
luciash d' being (luci): i thought
luciash d' being (luci): YT channel
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): can anybody here me?
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): not me torsteen
robertplummer: no
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): I wait until Xavi stops and try
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): agree !
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): I agree with Xavi
Nelson (koth): +1
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): wanted to say s.th. similar
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): providing more that we can use BBB for training
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): tracker - maybe good idea
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): +1
luciash d' being (luci): i think the main issue with code.tiki.org, nextdoc, mother etc. is nobody knows about them and for what they are they useful for... probably we do not promote them enough ?
Nelson (koth): https://dev.tiki.org/Tiki+Testing+with+Selenium
Nelson (koth): It takes a bit of setup and we are experimenting to see if the junior dev can write tests
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): training webinars
Xavi (xavi): luci, I agree. About mother, I wanted to promote it in the admin wizard for new admins, but I didn't dare to do so until the thing was working again :-)
Nelson (koth): But the recipe is there on the page
Nelson (koth): I think if the skill is match with the itch it will get done
luciash d' being (luci): Could this help somehow with the testings: http://phantomjs.org/ ?
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): Is that meant to live on the desktop or a server ?
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): One for Tiki and one for the community
luciash d' being (luci): many use it, including Bootstrap
luciash d' being (luci): "PhantomJS is an optimal solution forHeadless Website Testing"
luciash d' being (luci): yes, hearing
robertplummer: we hear you
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): hear, yes
luciash d' being (luci): :)
luciash d' being (luci): yes, Tiki is very powerful tool
Nelson (koth): Yes, lots of people use TIki for project management, not like MS Project., but for the group collaboration aspect, it is perfect
Nelson (koth): is it just me or is the sound fuzzy?
Xavi (xavi): sound fuzzy
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): I am on the way of creating a collaboration site for a newly founded international association
Xavi (xavi): and getting lower with time
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): (Xavi)
luciash d' being (luci): sorry I cannot understand
luciash d' being (luci): Torsten: sounds good
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): I do not get the context of Bernard T. (by sound)
Nelson (koth): lright, Bernard.
Nelson (koth): Bernard Sfez, perhaps we should wrap up?
Xavi (xavi): +1
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): Nelson, you got it? could you please sumarize in short?
luciash d' being (luci): if there is nothing to add to the "community problems", Torsten, can you tell ? (or you lost sound ?)
luciash d' being (luci): about wikilingo
luciash d' being (luci): usecase
Xavi (xavi): +1
Nelson (koth): right.
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): I lost sound ... I could quickly try a restart of the PC
Gary Cunningham-Lee (chibaguy): I lost it too
Torsten Fabricius (Torsten): 1 or 2 minutes
Bernard Sfez (Bsfez): same restarting
luciash d' being (luci): ok
Xavi (xavi): Gary, no one speaking now
Bernard TREMBLAY (Trebly): I lost too
robertplummer: hi
patrick.proulx: ya
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): yes :)
Gary Cunningham-Lee (chibaguy): Ok now
Gary Cunningham-Lee (chibaguy): HTML purifier isn't compatible with HTML5 as far as I know.
luciash d' being (luci): doh
luciash d' being (luci): :)
Jean-Marc Libs (Jyhem): I try to run away from wysiwyg. Some clients seem to use it but in production, so not available for testing
robertplummer: It is a feature, not forced. Some need it, some don't
luciash d' being (luci): yes
luciash d' being (luci): now if he gets audio ...
Nelson (koth): But Trebly, the issue is stability
luciash d' being (luci): wb torsten
luciash d' being (luci): ah, gone again
luciash d' being (luci): :(
Xavi (xavi): mmmm, it's getting late here, I need to disconnect in short
robertplummer: Bernard Tremblay, you should look at wikiLingo.
luciash d' being (luci): alright xavi, if u have nothing important to say, good night !
Bernard TREMBLAY (Trebly): Yes I will
robertplummer: wikilingodoesthat.com
Nelson (koth): good night xavi, see you next week and I will check the tikifest schedule
robertplummer: yes
robertplummer: it is perfect.
robertplummer: don't touch it
robertplummer: Yes
robertplummer: preset
Gary Cunningham-Lee (chibaguy): Good night, xavi. We'll be here all next week ;-) .
Xavi (xavi): Nelson, don't forget about the server with php 5.5 to restored next*.t.o and mother.t.o, etc. (and thanks for providing that new server, of course! :-)
Nelson (koth): yes, amette is working on the server. He knows we need it for tikifest
robertplummer: night night
Xavi (xavi): ok, thanks
Xavi (xavi): g'night everyone also
patrick.proulx: Have a great weekend!

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