We were sadly too late to prepare thoroughly for a booth, but nevertheless we used this opportunity to be there and go for some word-of-mouth marketing.

Part of LinuxTag was OSCOM 2005, the Open Source Content Management Conference, which was held at the first day of LinuxTag. Bertrand Gugger (aka toggg) held a talk there about the integration of the PEAR::Text_Wiki parser into TikiWiki (work in progress). This talk got some attention due to its obvious importance for wiki interoperability.

Alexander Mette (aka amette) turned to some more subversive marketing and ran around all the days in his tw.o t-shirt. That was actually no bad idea, since conversations spawned easily from that. In the four days of LinuxTag many people heard the first time of TikiWiki, but they were very interested to hear about it and the surrounding community. From the face of some people it could be read that it is hard to believe, such a consequently open project as tw.o can work out.

LinuxTag 2005 was a success - even without a booth. There were many good conversations and people considering TikiWiki for their own projects. The bridgehead is prepared, next year tw.o will be back with a booth!

Hope to meet you there!