To get this full featured demo running, you need:
-The VMware Virtual Machine Player for Windows or Linux
-The tikiwiki virtual machine (375MB)
-2GB of free disk space
-A network card that gets a dynamic IP address

You end up with a full featured server with about 1.5GB of free space, ready for you to play with tikiwiki. You can even upgrade the server and do other things...

When the virtual machine is started, you have expanded the file in its own directory (requires 2GB of free space) and clicked on the Vitual Machine configuration file, a Mandriva 2006 server will boot, acquire an IP address via your PC network card and start tikwiki (apache+php+mysql+mapscript).
The virtual machine displays the network card configuration and displays its IP address and then give you a prompt. Note the IP address of eth0 and then point your host machine preferred browser to it.
You will be greeted by Tikiwiki main screen.
You have full capabilities to custom and works with this tikiwiki.
When you have finished type halt on the prompt of the virtual machine. This will shut down Mandriva and save all your changes.

You can customise this virtual machine with your own tikiwiki data and redistribute it.