Bad News
We are sad to announce that Dennis Heltzel has stepped down as Tiki project admin. His work has brought him to use more xoops and he's much less involved in tiki. Dennis has worked on many parts of Tiki, notably the Tiki 1.8 overhaul of the Article management system. We hope for his active return & contribution in the future.

Good News
On the plus side, we are proud to announce that two very active & long standing developers have accepted to become project admins.

Hard-working & methodical, Sylvie Greverend has been instrumental in transforming Tiki in a truly multilingual CMS. She is our reference on I18N issues and is working on many apsects of Tiki.
Sylvie's CVS stats

Oliver Hertel contributes to various parts of Tiki, manages the German Tiki and has recently overhauled the RSS system.
ohertel CVS stats

Other project admins are Luis Argerich, mose, Damian Parker, Florian Gleixner and Marc Laporte

What do project admins do? (Good question!)

The Tiki team is not very hierarchical. Whoever does the work gets to decide ;-) Otherwise, we mostly work by consensus.

If you would like to join the 200+ developpers of Tiki CMS/Groupware, please contact a project admin. Project Admins have access on our Freshmeat & SourceForge information, our websites and mailing lists.