The modular installation system is currently in big development and already many things have been made into a modular install.

The goal to have a smaller installation base without having code that depends on third party applications...

  • Tiki-Maps - This requires Mapserver, Mapserver requires really you have to your own server so that you can install there modules. Only a small handful of TikiFriendlyHosts have this enabled for you.

  • Galaxia - Well if you use it you need an award.

  • Tiki-Sheet - ))JavaScript(( spreadsheet with about the biggest dependancy on libraries ever, hence the move to mods.

  • Themes - Many, many themes will be leaving BRANCH-1-9 and future installations and becoming "mods", already these have moved:
    • 3dblue
    • 508
    • akwa
    • bluemetal
    • classicblue
    • greenmetal
    • purplemetal
    • redmetal
    • specialsauce
    • tarynsworld
    • underworld

arrow the TikiWiki mods is now the place for all new theme contributions, some more of the existing will move to mods before 1.9 is released.

Other things that will be moved to mods include:

  • webmail
  • graphviz
  • wikigraph
  • homework (possible)
  • jukebox
  • pdflib fonts
  • each language file
    you then click the languages you want available to your site and install them

For more reading: TikiMods
Contacts: mose and Damian