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Try Tikiwiki with maps feature in a virtual machine

Author: Franck Martin - Published

You would like to try tikiwiki but do not want to spend time installing it? If your PC meet the requirements I have put together a virtual machine running a freshly installed tikiwiki with the maps feature. It works as a server in a corner of your own machine. You can access this server using your preferred web browser in your preferred operating system.

AulaWiki 0.1 released, Tiki Workspaces

Author: Javier Reyes - Published

In a few words, AulaWiki offers team collaboration environments (workspaces), allowing you to manage sets of Tiki resources in an easy way.
You can define different kinds of workspaces, to support the collaboration needs of each kind of team (Projects, Courses, Organizational Departments....).

TW.o is open to users' submissions of news/articles. Contribute! :-)

Author: Submission managers - Published

TikiWiki.org site is open again to submission of news by users & developers, Mod creators, etc. Feel free to contribute with your news!

To submit some news, proceed as usual, click in the main Menu on "Articles > Submit article", and fill the form with your news.

For more information, see doc: http://doc.tikiwiki.org/Articles+User

Recent change to Tiki Messaging

Author: Damian Parker - Published

This article is mainly a notice to all users of the internal Tiki messaging system. Since a recent change in 1.9, in order to receive messages from other site users, you need to visit your user preferences through MyTiki and enable the option Allow messages from other users. Until then you cannot receive internal messages including replies to messages you send out.

Recap on Installation Requirements

Author: Damian Parker - Published

With many users posting in the forums and coming into our IRC channel requesting help as their TikiWiki site after a recent upgrade to 1.9 has started to generate blank or half drawn pages, I feel its needed to highlight the PHP memory_limit requirement again. Read more for the various links relating to this problem and solutions.

TikiWiki Community-Radio

Author: Alexander Mette - Published

Since TikiWiki is a community and not just a software, more social aspects than just hacking on our favourite code are considered. One of them is the TikiWiki last.fm group, where you can get an impression of the average TikiWiki-user's musical taste or even change it to become more like yours. smile

new official css : TikiNeat

Author: Mose - Published

A new theme is now available, named tikineat, as it's a mix beetween tiki.css and moreneat.css. The purpose of that theme is to respect more browsers, avoiding overlapping and unexpected behaviours. It's now the default theme for anonymous browsing of http://tikiwiki.org in the hope to focus on that theme for being bundled in tiki 1.9 when that version will be ready.

The results of TikiFest UK 2

Author: Damian Parker - Published

One of the most exciting things that happened at TikiFestUK2 besides the food wink was the planning of the final steps to the 1.9 release. It was decided that 1.9 should have a modular installation system for some of the lesser used components of the TikiWiki system, such as ))Tiki-Sheet,Tiki-Maps((, phpCAS and Galaxia.

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