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TikiFest UK #2 has started!

Author: Damian Parker - Published

The second TikiFest in the UK: TikiFestUK2 has started today! The aim is to spend a lot of time with 1.9's code and to work towards a DR4 release on the 24th. We should have some visitors popping in throughout the week for Tiki talks! If your passing the neighbourhood, you are more than welcome to drop in, directions and details can be found on TikiFestUK2 page. If your a little further afield, than Cheshire, UK, do not worry! you can always join in by dropping into our IRC channel at irc://irc.freenode.net/#tikiwiki

Notes about the status of BRANCH-1-9 in CVS

Author: Damian Parker - Published

Between now and most likely the mid to end of October BRANCH-1-9 will be under going some changes. We currently have some GPL libraries within the application, that must be removed and replaced for legal reasons. This notice is to say that during this period some functions of BRANCH-1-9 might not work as expected and you should be careful about using cvs up commands. Some of the related area's include mailin where POP3 is used, graphing, webmail, some of tiki-sheet. I know a lot of people use BRANCH-1-9 for production sites, which is why I am posting this notice. Developers need room to develop and replace these illegal libraries, expecting the CVS branches to be stable all the time is impossible. You have all been warned.

reactivated tikiwiki.org features

Author: Mose - Published

tw.o is bloated ? hey, you joke, let's add some more stuff in there ! :-) Here are image gallery and file gallery back to life, contains old treasures ! The newsletter feature is also back for developers (with an immediate fix on fumbled subscription). All that is just a matter of dogfood for 1.9 release...

8bits community

Author: Mose - Published - (9844 Reads)

As we now are 256 accounts on sf.net, that means we reached the 8bits. wow !!
Then I felt in mood to clean tw.o users database, by removing all unaccessed accounts older than 30 days. That genocide made around 700 victims. Requiem in pace. Don't be suprised in the population-meter change.

doc.tikiwiki.org update!

Author: Damian Parker - Published

I recently upgraded doc.tikiwiki.org to use TikiWiki 1.9 development code, this will enable us to use the new multilingual features of TikiWiki to collaborate the documentation in different languages from within one site. Please if you can assist with documentation writing or translating, surf over and pick a page to get started.

The Community Worldmap is now Live!

Author: ang - Published

Our Tiki Map features the community worldmap here on tikiwiki.org semi-dynamically from now on: in a nice zoomable, panable, layered fashion.

If you feel like adding your spot, edit your location in User Preferences.

Thanks to Franck, Spatialguru, Mose, the users and developers of the Mapserver community, and all others who inspired and worked on these features!

PHP Memory Limit Requirements

Author: Damian Parker - Published

A common question has been asked many many times both in the tiki forums and also on our IRC channel. The question is: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 737280 bytes) in xxxxx or sometimes, I keep getting blank or half drawn pages, whats the problem?
The answer is that PHP is running out of memory! Click read more for some solutions to the problem.

Tikiwiki.org under 1.9 pre-release

Author: mose - Published

Accordingly to our secular tradition about DogFood, I migrated tw.o (tikiwiki.org) website to 1.9, to make it a perfect ground for an exhaustive quality process in 1.9 release cycle. That energy has a price and I hope you will bear the inconvenience of that more unstable ground. Help us to make it firmer !

CVS Problems - Explained

Author: Damian Parker - Published

After many many hours of looking through CVS history and logs and various checkouts from many dates during the beginning part of this year, we finally have a explanation.... read more for the full details

We have CVS Problems!

Author: Damian Parker - Published

Attention all Tiki Developers with CVS access! We have problems on our CVS area. Quote new files added on HEAD are present in release_eta_carinea_rc1 branch with no reason. Release 1.7.6 didn't suffer such invasion, the problem looks like recent. The 'guilty' files are from various committers, so it should not be a commit problem but a repository-wide problem.
We are looking for skilled cvs wizards to step forward and help us! Read more for a copy of an email mose sent to the Tiki Developers mailing list.