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Tikiwiki.org is getting organized

Author: Marc Laporte - Published

We are currently proceeding to some major reorganization work. tikiwiki.org will be chaotic for another week or so.

Scott has transferred and renamed all the documentation pages. We will be bringing over all the interesting content from the old demo site.

Once tikiwiki.org is deemed satisfactory, it will be officially launched and it will become the main hub for all Tiki-related activity.

TikiWiki Migration

Author: mose, albrown, marclaporte - Published

On 3rd of july, Thursday, we were talking on #tikiwiki irc channel (server irc.freenode.net) and we didn't find any reason why we shouldn't migrate demo server and setup the tikiwiki official website, using tikiwiki. So, we can eat our own dogfood now.

[Tikiwiki-devel] If you only read one mail this week, read this one

Author: Marc Laporte - Published

This was originally published on tikiwiki-devel at lists.sourceforge.net and has been republished without permission of the author (though I doubt he'd object). It is widely consider a wonderful contribution to the community and assessment of the current development activity going on. I'd like to see summaries of this fashion in the future but know many of the difficulties involved in regularly producing this type of documentation.

Let's start to use Tiki as the collaborative tool it can be.

-swf (scott.w.fischer@att.net)

Tiki is Project of the Month

Author: Marc Laporte - Published

Every month the team at SourceForge.net picks one project, from among the tens of thousands hosted on SourceForge.net, to honor by naming it Project of the Month. The goal is to bring some attention to deserving projects who are striving to make a difference in the world of Open Source Development.