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PCQuest Linux 2004 Includes TikiWiki

Author: Jonathan Smith - Published

Will LUGs (Linux User Groups) in India adopt TikiWiki for their portal / groupware / content management needs? Now there is a better chance; the 2004 release of PCQ Linux, a Fedora Linux distribution highly customized for South Asia requirements, includes TikiWiki 1.7.4.

Mapserver User's Group Meeting and Open Source GIS Conference

Author: Liz - Published

For those who have interest in the TikiMap feature, this conference may interest you. The Second annual Mapserver User's Group Meeting and Open Source GIS Conference will be held June 9-11, 2004 in Ottawa, Canada. This year the event will be hosted by the Ottawa Mapserver User's group that meet regularly. Details of the event can be found at our website: http://www.omsug.ca

Where is the Tiki Community?

Author: Damian Parker - Published

An interesting idea has be brought to the TikiWiki site by ang. He has started work on plotting locations of the TikiCommunity onto a XPlanet map. You can see the result here Community Worldmap. Please as a member of the TikiCommunity find your Latitude and Longitude and add yourself to the list. There are links available on the page to help you.

Tikiwiki Accessibility needs you!

Author: Adam Shantz - Published

A group of us at tikiwiki.org got together & developed a survey. Yes, a survey.. a survey made especially for you! We want to know what you think! The survey is geared towards users, administrators, developers, anyone & everyone. We're particularly interested in how you use Tikiwiki, the feedback you've gotten from others regarding Tikiwiki, and what you want to see happen with Tikiwiki.

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tw.o under 1.8cvs HEAD

Author: mose - Published

Here are the logs of my upgrade operation that occured on tw.o from 11:30 to 11:50 that saturday. Don't play with it on production website unless you got a bunch of geeks around.

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