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email subscription

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the subscription emails sent by my wiki are treated as spam, so they go to "bulk folders" (yahoo) or, even worse, get completely blocked by the email server.

I have acces to an email server so i tested why the email gets blocked/deleted.
The server says that the header information or format is wrong. Something like that.
I think this hapens because the email gets sent withou a "from" value.

How can i solve this? does everyone have the same problem?


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no answer?
no comment?
please someone say something! wink

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Needs a fix, I think. I'll have a look into it.

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thanks, i realy need this working like... this week...
any help would be REALY apreciated

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got it fixed, it was geting blocked because i left the "sender" empty
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I am having same problem but I have put my email id which is gmail in the sender email field but these responses disappear completely. However when I put in an email id that is provided by my website host then they arrive but half of the time they go into the spam folder.
Any ideas on what is happening as you have had the same kind of problem. Thanks.