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freemind plugin

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I have written a wiki plugin to browse freemind mind maps for tikiwiki by copying code from other wiki plugins.

The plugin uses a little javascript and a free flash browser from the freemind web site, http://freemind.sourceforge.net. It can display a mindmap in a wiki page with:

{FLASHMM (src=>example.mm width=>xx height=>xx)}{FLASHMM}

However the file example.mm must already reside in a directory that is accessible to tikiwiki.

I would like to ask for some advice about the best way to implement the plugin:

  1. What name should I give the plugin? (Currently FLASHMM for flash mindmap browser)
  2. I would like to find a way to upload a mindmap without leaving the wiki page. Mindmaps have a file extension of ".mm". I have considered:
    • Modify the image upload code to permit uploading a mindmap and modify the code that inserts the {img} macro to insert a {FLASHMM} macro instead.
    • I could upload the file as an attachment, but the file names of wiki attachments are MD5-encoded. I can have my plugin MD5-encode the file name given in the src param, however the resulting MD5-encoded file name would appear in the javascript that is served to the web browser. Would this introduce a security risk?

I would appreciate advice on solution alternatives.


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The current name seems OK to me. About the file-uploading process, maybe you should post on the tikiwiki-dev mailing list and/or #tikiwiki IRC channel, where more devs are apt to see the question. This looks like a neat tool for Tiki to have, so I hope it can be worked out.

-- Gary

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> Iumphco, we are VERY intersted in Freemind Plugin
> Any roadmap? Do you want betatesters?

Yes, it would be great to have some others test it. I finished an initial version of the wikiplugin. I created a mod and checked it into CVS under mods/wiki-plugins/mindmap. I have attached my latest code. The packages file shows where the files should be placed in tikiwiki. Let me know how this works.

I'd like to see if it would be possible to distribute it on mods.tikiwiki.org.

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So how do we add a mindmap to a wiki post?? I tryed the {flasmm thing but there is no way I can make it work. What is the code that need to be entered to show the mm, and is there anything else to do when installing this plugin ?


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The plugin name changed to MINDMAP, and is available as a mod from http://mods.tikiwiki.org/

While editing a page, click on Wiki Help and then Show Plugins Help. If the MINDMAP plugin is installed, you will see the descriptions of all the parameters.

The following code will display a mindmap of the plugin usage:

~np~ {MINDMAP(mode=window,width=800)}Flash MindMap{MINDMAP} {/np}

The src parameter specifies the location of the mindmap file. This can be either an absolute URL, a relative URL, or the numeric ID of a wiki attachment. If the src parameter is not specified, then the wiki help mindmap is displayed. Wiki attachments currently work with the flash plugin only. A relative URL must begin with ./

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