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Users editing only their pages

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Dear all,

I want to know if there is an option to allow a group of users to edit only their pages.

Thanks in advance.


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Yes, it is. You have to set the perms. manually to the pages. You could remove global perm of tiki_p_edit_page to that group of users, and allow locally only to their pages (you have to say which are their pages).

Or (more advanced feature), you could (I guess, I'm not sure) use AulaWiki Mod to set workspaces permissions, and let the users create pages only inside that workspace (and the perms being inherited from parent pages). I'm not sure about this, but I'm afraid there is some way to have this behavior with workspaces (see http://edu.tikiwiki.org for for information on aulawiki Mod, howto install, use, etc. if interested in trying)

Hope this helps...

And welcome to Tikiwiki, by the way... :-)

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There's a "Page creators are admin of their pages" option on the wiki admin page (tiki-admin.php?page=wiki), which sounds like it might be the solution.

-- Gary

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Thanks Xavi and chibaguy for your fast response. I will try your suggestions.


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Dear all,

I have studied those tutorials available about tiki and I have not could achieve what I am looking for. Basically I want to have a main page which can only be edited by the admin but can be seen by everyone. This page has some internals links to other pages which can be edited by some groups, I mean; each group has specific privilege to certain pages.

I think Aulawiki could work but it is a little confusing. I have not could watch the videos, I got some errors.

I will appreciate any tip you can give me.

Thanks in advance

Gracias a todos.

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Ok, I got something. I achieved to lock the main page to avoid editing. Now, what I have to do is to give privileges to each group.

I am getting some fun with this.


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> Dear all,
> I want to know if there is an option to allow a group of users to edit only their pages.
> Thanks in advance.
> TicoCR

Rock on Tico!


(By chance a US expat. in Costa Rica? Not sure how specific that term is. ;-) I'm jealous!)

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(double post... sorry)

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Always back the file before editing.

My solution:

Assign the following permission to Group: Registered Users:
- tiki_p_edit
- tiki_p_lock
- tiki_p_rename
- tiki_p_rollback

& modify /templates/tiki-editpage.tpl, line 427 to:

type="radio" checked checked="checked"

... instead of just

type="checkbox" checked="checked"

This forces the page to be saved w/ lock-mode turned on by default. Ensure ftp permissions are chmod to the same as the other .tpl .

Don't forget that certain themes have an "unlock" tab/menu that the end-user may activate, thus negating this exercise. Editing the theme accordingly.

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