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Hi Gary (and Roberto):

Here you have an example from dev.tw.o:

I remember a long ago reading somewhere that there was an entry in css to avoid this, through adding a horizontal bar when content attempted to go further to the right than the margin of central column. But I don't remember the trick... (and I have many site where I need to apply it). Moreover, dev.tw.o also needs it :-)

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Hi Xavi Hi Gary!
Here are the examples



only creating a table width 95% with html as here, I can solve the problem...

but you recommended me not to use html....

PS: the problem seems to dissapear if using tikineat style instead of tikipedia.css theme style because of the right columnn ! But I don't want to change the theme style.....

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This seems to be a different issue from Roberto's Tikipedia problem. I imagine there is some property for the PHP Layers menu or a div or table containing it that the theme doesn't specify. Maybe this is compounded by the fact that the Twist horizontal menu is placed toward the right side of the page, which might cause problems when the dropdowns try to expand to the right. I'd like to methodically figure out the CSS issues with the different PHP Layers menus as a doc for making themes (if there were just more hours in a day wink ).

-- Gary

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Yes, the problem is due to a setting in the Tikipedia theme. The pages seem to be OK in Firefox and Opera, but I see the problem in Internet Explorer 7. You can edit the tikipedia.css file to reduce the width of the div that contains the main-column text, etc. Search in tikipedia.css for "div#tiki-center". It now has a width of 99.5%. Try reducing this number by several percentage points, and test the result. (Normally both margins and width aren't set for a div; if I were doing that theme now, I'd try to avoid that, and probably will in the next version.)

If reducing the width percentage makes the page OK in Internet Explorer, but causes the right-side margin to be too wide in other browsers, you can use a trick to give IE its own width and not change the width for other browsers. After the "width: 99.5%;" line, make a new line like "_width: 90%;" or whatever, with an underbar character preceding the word. Only Internet Explorer will accept this as a valid statement and so it alone will display the div with a 90% width rather than 99.5%.

-- Gary

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Hi !
In tikipedia.css "div#tiki-center" width: 99.5%" was reduced to 98% solving the problem with IExplorer without any changes nor influence for Firefox, Opera & Netscape.

As always, thanks a lot for your work !

PS= I'd tried "make a new line like "_width: 90%;" (after the comments, logically...), cleaned cache, etc... but it doesn't works ...it seems that my explorer is not so intelligent... but the first solution was quick and clean ! Thank you!

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