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login / registration question? help

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Is there only one unique login/registration process available per TikiWiki installation? I want to create multiple (rooms/spaces) with controlled entry for participants - with merchant/shoppingcart functionality for some. I know that I can set up complex permissions for each paticipant by making groups or categories corresponding to each room/space .... but that puts a huge burden on the admin of the site and leaves room for human error. Is there any way to do this with an automated registration process of some kind? The only thing I could think of was to do a full profiled TikiWiki installation for each of the "gated" userspaces that I want to create and then use the InterTiki feature to hook them all together and have it look seamless. This seems pretty brute force and heavyweight for what I'm trying to accomplish. Am I reinventing the wheel? Seems that others must have been down this path before?

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Oh, well...
Some notes/tips for you:

  • As admin, you can (batch) register many users through a .csv file, including the groups that each user should belong to. Useful to get started with many users when you know them... (for instance, educational scenarios).
  • You might be interested in using the workspaces feature (available for 1.9.x or 1.10 as a Mod: Mod aulawiki). It has its own documentation, and its being used in production on some sites (such as http://edu.tikiwiki.org or others)
  • In Tiki 1.10 a user chan chose to join a group at registration time (so that each user could chose his/her kind of usage...)
  • There is not bundled shopping cart yet available for any Tiki version that I know of. Tiki 1.10 has a new "computed field" for trackers, and many tracker Plugins, which might help. Or Maybe using the Workflow feature, ... but you should have to do that yourself. However, the easier way for you is adding an external application to your server, and use it in conjunction with the Featured links feature...


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