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anyone know how to merge tha fields of a tracker whit the registration form?? in order to extend the information recolected in the registration of each new user...
cuz the trackers are optionals to fill for the users...

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In 1.10 they can be set as compulsory, inu. In 1.9, I don't know myself how this could be done.
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oki, now my question is this, it`s a hard work to upgrade my tiki version?

i mean if i upgrade i don´t must to rebuild the entire web site??

thanks inu thanks! in advance...

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Hi inu:

Please read the Documentation through Upgrade and ask again if in doubt

You don't need to rebuild the entire web site, but take note on the changes between the two version (specially the category permissions changed).
Take into account that 1.10 is not 100% stable yet, so I would recommend you to try first on local o another test installation to see if all the features you are using work fine with the upgraded version (1.10beta)

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xavi... sorry to bother... but after read the documentation, im seeing that it`s not so easy to upgrade the tiki version... it gives me the impresion that it`s more easy to erase the old instalation and install the new version 1.10 and set the old style (andreas09 in my case) and re-create the pages....

bye.. and thanks again, inu..

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