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Search error: "Notice: Use of undefined constant PLUGINS_DIR"

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I have a problem with Search that I first noticed a few versions ago but just put up with it.
I occassionally add odd words (like fandango) into a page so I can see how well search is working.

Generally it's not too bad (in fact seems better since upgrading to 1.9.11) but it does still miss out pages from the results that I know contain the search term.
We use our Wiki a lot every day and these pages are being missed (so I guess not indexed in fact) even after say a week after the search term was entered on a page.

I go to Admin->Search->Refresh wiki search index now.

I get an almost blank page every time. Just a white page with the following message:

Notice: Use of undefined constant PLUGINS_DIR - assumed 'PLUGINS_DIR' in E:\services\web\tikiwiki\lib\wiki-plugins\wikiplugin_pluginmanager.php on line 42

I'm using:
TikiWiki 1.9.11
Windows 2000 Pro.
PHP 5.2.6
Apache 2.0.54

My Search Settings are as follows:

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fill in a bug report: looks like a bug: http://dev.tikiwiki.org
And for search, did you read the different options of search configuration at the Documentation?
(sorry not to help any more, I'm not skilled enough using the search feeature)