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PDF Creation Feature?????

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I have a fresh install of TikiWiki 2.0. I can not find how to enable the PDF creation feature. Do I need additional software? Where do I enable the feature?
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It looks like it was removed altogether from 2.0 because it didn't work all that great in 1.9.11. I'd be curious to know if anyone has got the fpdf, free pdf php class working. I installed it but I don't know what else I'm supposed to do with it. PDF generation would be a nice selling point for me personally.

Having said that, I have a workaround in that I simply install a PDF printer on whatever system I'm using and then use the printer friendly option on Wiki pages and print to a PDF file that way.

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Hi mtstravel and welcome to Tikiwiki community!

I would say the the advice from Darkbee is very wise (good point, Darkbee, I fully agree, and that's how I've always successfully creaated pdf's from Tiki or many other places with complex html on it).

However, you could keep searching how the Mozilla support guys managed to have that working for their site:

I didn't succeed to have pdf working in a trial I made months ago, but it might be easier in your server (who knows)