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How can i upload screenshots / attach Files in Forums

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Hi Community

i'm quite new in Wiki and i have to administrate a forum. The users should all have (with permission set to anonymous) the possibility to put screenshots in their posts or at least attach files.

I found the need to activate the permission for attaching, but it doesnt work. In the post their is always just the word "attachement"

What can i do?

thx a lot


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Hi Patrik, and welcome to Tikiwiki Community :-)

Make sure you have selected, when editing the forum, the proper place to save attachments on forum (path on server with proper server permissions). Review Forum Admin and Forum User (and or permissions) in the Documentation if needed.


BTW: Could you help us and move from Forum User all content which relates to forum creation and administration to the page Forum Admin (where it should be, in fact)
Thanks in advanced for your time.

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I can upload attatchment (photos) but they are not displayed as a picture but just a link. Can I get my photos displayed in forums?

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